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The Fox’s Den by Zim and Zou

We’ve featured the work of Thibault Zimmermann and Lucie Thomas, aka Zim and Zou, a few times on Friday Favourites. Although we don’t like to repeat ourselves too much, their work is so flipping great we couldn’t resist sharing their latest project. Thanks to Andy K for finding this rather charming window display they created for Hermès, in Paseo de Gracià, Barcelona. Each piece in the display was made by hand – mostly using paper – except for the fox, which is crafted in leather. Found via The Awesomer.





Some lovely examples of street art found via Lost at E Minor, which use the surrounding environment as part of the design. Graffiti using trees, aka Graffitrees..


Above: Nuxono Xän, Fort de France, Martinique

Réa en friche by French artist Vinie Graffiti


“Legenda o wielkoludach” (Legend of the Giants) by Polish artist Natalia Rak

Photos of play from around the world

Thanks to Ellie for finding this post showing some stunning photographs of children playing, in different parts of the world. Found via The Mind Unleashed. 


Children in Indonesia, by I Gede Lila Kantiana

Children in India, by Sandeepa Chetan

Children in India, by Sandeepa Chetan

We are happy by Agoes Antara

We are happy by Agoes Antara

The Chocolate Mill

The Chocolate Mill was a project by Studio Weiki Somers and chocolatier Rafael Mutter, for a retrospective exhibition of Dutch designer Gerrit Rietveld. Built up from ten layers of chocolate, you can watch the mill slowly carve away thin, mouth watering layers, revealing the hidden patterns beneath. Found via Colossal.



How We Move – Human app data

Thanks to Sam W for sharing How We Move:  ”This is a beautiful video showing how we move around cities. The Human fitness app aggregates user data from around the world for a better insight into daily activity, whether it’s cycling, running or walking.” If you’re a bit of a geek and love seeing data displayed in creative ways, you’ll love the detail on the Human website too.


Winners of our first ever 3D Student Awards!

DOG PANEL_600x400

We are delighted to announce the WINNERS of our first ever 3D Dog’s Bollocks Student Awards!

This is the first time we’ve put a separate 3D Branding brief out there aimed at 3D and Product Designers, challenging them to redesign a famous brand. We had some fantastic entries, so a huge thank you to everyone for taking part. The lucky winners are:

Gold: Dax by Sam Harvey

Norwich University of the Arts


Click images to view larger size



Silver: Seabrook Crisps by Jennifer Kealey and Katie Hitchen

Northumbria University





Bronze: Kendal Mint Cake by Kevin McNicholas

Northumbria University




Congratulations to Sam, Jennifer and Katie, and Kevin for their great work – they’ll all receive a Dog’s Bollocks award (crafted and 3D printed in our very own in-house workshop).

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Friday Favourites


Blossom Type by Alice Mourou

I loved this beautiful hand crafted project by Alice Mourou, who uses plants, flowers and a lot of patience to create Blossom Type. She worked with Dmitriy Petrov, Olesya Korsak and Nikita Schukin of Russian agency Zero to create this interactive project. The making of each letter has been recorded and there are plans to bring this to life with user-generated content. Found via Trendland.




Illustrations by Andre Chiote

Thanks to Sander for sharing these stunning illustrations, found via Cargo Collective. “I think these are great! Beautiful minimalistic, kind of retro style illustrations by Andre Chiote. I’ll be having some of them on my walls soon.”




Time lapse Singapore film using tilt shift

Thanks to Alison and Nat for sharing this cute time lapse movie of Singapore by Keith Loutit. He uses some interesting tilt shift photography and post production techniques to create an eerie effect, showing us an intriguing city viewed from above. Found via Form Fifty Five.



Vessyl – a cup that knows what you’re drinking

Vessyl is an amazing new innovation, that has been seven years in the making. Created by Mark One in collaboration with FuseProject, Vessyl is a drinking cup that knows and monitors what you’re drinking, in real time. Inspired by health and exercise tracking devices, Vessyl allows users to keep track of calories, hydration, sugar, fat, protein and more, whether you’re drinking water, beer, a smoothie or a fizzy drink. Thanks to Nick H for sharing this one.



IKEA Beds ad

Thanks to Gokce for sharing the latest IKEA Beds ad, by Mother London.
“It’s a simple idea with a great execution (Shakespeare and a dog involved). It was directed by one of my all time favourite directors, Juan Cabral, who also directed the award-winning Cadbury’s Gorilla ad.”



Friday Football Stickers – World Cup 2014

Ivan_Loser Nina_Winner

Love or hate it, unless you have been practising some deep isolated meditation over the past three weeks (which is never a bad thing) you may have noticed that there has been a little bit of football dominating social engagements and coffee machine chatter.

Shrouded in controversy, full of surprises (and a with little bit of bite) it has resulted in many a fan being drenched in beer through rapturous applause, while the unlucky losers slink out of the light once more to gather their energy and charge their hopes for the following four years.

Here at Design Bridge it has been no different. With so many nationalities represented there have been some friendships tested when it comes to people wearing their nation’s colours with pride as they are placed head-to-head in this unforgiving tournament.

Neil_Loser Alex_Loser

So, as ever in the spirit of things, we decided to recreate some classic Panini sticker poses to decorate our Amsterdam office with us all showcasing our very best super fan pose until the very end, which has been more than bittersweet for some.

Sam_Loser Ane_Winner

Marloes_Winner Robert_Winner

Many favourites have fallen much sooner than expected and there may have been some quick colour changing to continue the party – in Amsterdam quite a few people certainly seemed to be turning a very bright shade of orange which were loyal until the very end as they beat the host to a third place position.

Last night was no different in the excitement.  Congratulations to Germany as they have dazzled us throughout the tournament!

Richard_Loser Jason_Winner



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Design Bridge 2D Student Awards 2014 – the results!


This year we had well over 100 entries to our 2D Dog’s Bollocks Student Competition, with a fantastic standard of work from a range of top universities. As always, it was an incredibly tough job picking the winning designs among a huge amount of great ideas, for so many different brands.


The work was laid out in our Penthouse meeting room over the course of an afternoon, and everyone voted for their top three designs. The work was chosen based on our usual Dog’s Bollocks judgement criteria, so it had to tick the following boxes:

Simple but bold
Warm and engaging
Brilliantly executed and crafted
Enduring and memorable
Breakthrough in category



The most popular 20 entries were then judged by a final judging panel. Once again we had the pleasure of welcoming Angus Montgomery, Editor of Design Week to be our guest judge, to help make the final selection, along with Executive Creative Director Graham Shearsby, and Creative Directors Dave Annetts and Tim Vary.



And now we are proud to announce our winners!

Gold: Pledge by April Temlett, Falmouth University



Click images to view larger versions





Creative Director Dave Annetts commented: “April’s work shone through in two entries, where her instinct for telling relevant and insightful stories about brands was communicated through very different and memorable design ideas.”


Silver: Florette by April Temlett, Falmouth University





Bronze: Dax by Sam Harvey, NUA




Runner up: Tabasco, by Toby Roberts, NUA





L-R – Dave Annetts, Angus Montgomery, Graham Shearsby and Tim Vary

Well done to April, Sam and Toby for your fantastic work –  and a huge thank you to everyone who entered!

Watch this space for news of the winners of our 3D Student Competition


Friday Favourites


Topography Typography

Thanks to Sander for sharing this typography work by Synoptic Office. They have created some Alphabet Topography – typography that’s also topography. Each letter is built up from laser cut sheets of architectural butter board, with letters built in different heights depending on usage frequency. Found on Dearest Nature but you can also read more on It’s Nice That and Colossal.



Austin Irving’s surreal cave photography

On Fubiz this week I stumbled across the photography work of Austin Irving. He takes some amazing shots of all kinds of interiors, creating a surreal edge with his interesting compositions of space and colour. These enlightened cave photographs are just an example – if you like anything David Lynch-style, check out the Selected Interiors series on his website.




LEGO bus stop in London

I’m loving this bus stop made of LEGO, which is currently situated at the Conduit Street stop near Hamley’s in London’s Regent Street. It was constructed to celebrate 200 years of London buses. Apparently the entire thing is made of LEGO using over 100,000 pieces – even the glass is made  of clear bricks! Follow #LEGOBusStop on Twitter to get the latest and pop down to see it if you’re in London – it’s around for a limited time only. Found via Neatorama.




Homeless Fonts

So many people shared this around the office last week it definitely qualified as being a big fat Friday Favourite. Homeless Fonts was a project set up in Spain by the Arrels Foundation, to raise money to help the homeless. They created a collection of typefaces based on the handwriting of homeless people, the idea being for big brands to buy the fonts to use in their advertising and branding, with all proceeds going to the Arrels Foundation.



DHL is Faster campaign

Thanks to Gokce for sharing this great campaign by DHL. How do you get your customers to realise you’re better than the competition, but without the huge ad spend? Get competitors to deliver the message for you! This was a Gold Lion award winner at this year’s Cannes Lions.

Friday Favourites


Edward Hopper paintings brought to life in film

Thanks to Grace N for sharing this beautiful film by Gustav Deutsch. Shirley – Visions of Reality is based on 13 of Edward Hopper’s paintings, and tells the tale of a woman’s life in America from the 1940s to the 1960s. Hopper’s atmospheric style was influenced by film noir, and his paintings in turn influenced movie directors such as Alfred Hitchcock, Martin Scorcese and Jim Jarmusch. The overall styling, colours and even the gorgeous parallax website to promote the film are stunning, so it’s worth checking out.



New improved Pencil stylus for iPad

Ever wanted to draw on your iPad, but with the quality of a light pencil mark? If you haven’t yet discovered Pencil, a specially designed stylus for use with the Paper app and you want to take on David Hockney with your own iPad art projects – get it now. It has amazing features such as the ability to mix colour as if you were using a paintbrush, and it knows the difference between your hand resting on the screen and the tip of the pencil. They’ve just improved it so it’s super sensitive to the touch, so the screen responds to the lightest of marks. Thanks to David H for sharing this, via FastCompany.




James Hopkins typographic illusion sculpture

Thanks to Sam W for finding this work by James Hopkins - a sculpture which displays three numbers in one, depending on which way you look at it. Check out the animation below to see how it works. Found via Design Taxi.


Cocktails under the microscope

We spend a lot of time here designing beautiful branding and packaging for booze, but have you ever wondered what it looks like under the microscope? Bevshots specialise in photographing alcoholic drinks under the microscope, and they sell the images as prints, bar mats, accessories, etc. There are no brands associated with these images, just the products, but it’s interesting to see alcohol in another way. I never knew that under the microscope, my drink is sporting a bit of an 80s, Zandra Rhodes look. Found via Core77.


Dirty Martini


Vodka Tonic

Vodka Tonic

The Japanese dessert made of water

Thanks to Nicolle for sharing this, which is a pretty impressive food innovation if ever I saw one. The shingen mochi is a type of Japanese dessert made from gyuhi, a soft form of mochi rice cake,  sprinkled with kinako soybean powder and brown sugar syrup.  This one, known as the mizu shingen mochi is made with solidified water from the Japanese alps, giving it the appearance of an oversized water droplet on a plate. Apparently it’s like eating a water balloon that melts in your mouth, but tastier than that description sounds. More about how it’s made here, found via Sploid.



Tote Bag Competition in Amsterdam

Life in Amsterdam is all about getting around on the bike. Rain, sun, hail or blowing a gale – nothing stops Amsterdammers getting around town on their trusted ‘fiets’. Here in our Dutch studio, we’re always heading off by bike to meetings and presentations with books and folders – and we felt the need to design something useful and creative to carry them in, that was unmistakably ‘Design Bridge’.

So, we decided to run a competition, inviting the whole team to anonymously enter a design or series of designs. We displayed these in the Amsterdam reception area for everyone to vote on their favourite.

The theme? ‘Amsterdam’ of course. The home for all of us living here, and the potential for many different interpretations from our hugely international bunch.


The entries ranged from celebrated icons of Amsterdam, to quirks of the Dutch language, local and international view points, to a Design Bridge spin on Amsterdam’s personality and charm.


Over 50 entries made for a fantastic reception display – then the voting started. The outcome was three key winners, so rather than have just one bag, we have a wonderful set of three.

And the winners were Dan Bloomfield, Rui Granjo and Inge Daniels. All with a creative smile at the heart.

Inge Daniels

Inge Daniels

Dan Bloomfield

Dan Bloomfield

Rui Granjo

Rui Granjo


Claire Parker judges new identity Dutch National Ballet & Opera

claire_parker small

Claire Parker, Creative Director at our Amsterdam studio, is part of the online ‘corporate design panel’ of Marketing Tribune magazine, so every month she will judge a corporate design, together with Tom Dorresteijn from Studio Dumbar and Stefan Pangratz from VBAT. This time the design panel was asked to judge the corporate identity of the Dutch National Ballet & Opera. Here’s the link to the online article and we’ve translated it here:

Nationale Ballet

The Dutch Opera, The Dutch National Ballet and The Amsterdam Music Theatre have merged to form the Dutch National Opera & Ballet. The two companies will keep their own brand names, but from now on will operate together as one house. Their new visual identity was designed by Lesley Moore. In essence both opera and ballet are about “story-telling”, and this forms the basic thinking behind the logo. The Dutch National Opera & Ballet consists of numerous stories, both on- and back-stage. The layering of these stories is visible in the logo, leaving the name of the art forms in the foreground. The logo is used as a frame, leaving space for an ever-changing range of stories. The art forms only truly come alive when in motion, in moving image and music. Based on this idea, Lesley Moore came up with the concept for the campaigns using a “moving still image” which tells the story of specific performances. The campaigns make use of the possibilities offered by new media, and the new website has been developed by TamTam to exploit this to the full.


Images by Petrovsky & Ramone: Photography duo Petrovsky & Ramone made the new campaign image for the remaining productions of the current season and for the 2014/2015 season. They also make the video trailers for the productions of National Opera & Ballet .


Photographer Robin de Puy makes all the portrait photos for National Opera & Ballet. Recent winner of the National Portrait Prize in 2013, Robin de Puy is the first photographer who makes portraits for all National Opera & Ballet.

Ambition Els van der Plas, general manager of National Opera & Ballet : “By joining forces, we can be more efficient and effective. By doing this we can confirm our leading position and develop further, allowing more people to enjoy opera and ballet. We want everyone to know the kind of world we deliver performance in, every day, in the field of opera and ballet, something that the Netherlands can justifiably be proud of. By working together with these parties, we get a look that fits with our ambitions.”

Nat opera ballet

Claire Parker, Creative Director Design Bridge: ”It’s strong, instantly recognisable, feeling like a true cultural destination. The typography is bold and clear and lets the beautiful photography add the colour and emotion. I admire Lesley Moore and her design systems, typographically and as architecture great. But that’s not to say this is right for creating expressive identities. There is a definite austerity to the mark, serious and lacking accessibility. To me as in all the arts especially opera and ballet it’s about projecting expression. There’s fluidity whether it be through movement or sound; a sense of balance, of power and of grace. Which is lost in the precision of the identity. What I did see in the logo, was the audience and performance brought together through the layers, as if rows and a stage. So perhaps you can add value to the fact there’s things in there to decipher yourself.” Score: 8

Stefan Pangratz, Creative at VBAT: “The first thing that struck me when seeing the identity for the first time was its recognisability, despite the minimal use of graphical features and means. The “moving”stills on the site are especially nice. Surprising, crafted with style and expressing a serene and peaceful atmosphere, they truly embody the power of the whole identity. Is it an identity for “connoisseurs”? Maybe, but very well executed. Thinking of the single line as a subtle reference to the stage or the nice authority and national character of the chosen font. Once again a proof that a great identity is built on much more then a logo alone, but rather the well-balanced sum of many parts.” Score: 9

Tom Dorresteijn, CEO Studio Dumbar“It’s not easy, what needed to be brought together in this style: opera, ballet and a building. As if you needed to combine the volleyball club, the gymnastics team and the sport hall in one style. Although there are crossovers within the target-audiences, ballet and opera still represent different worlds. The agency has accomplished this very successfully. Everything has found its place in a beautiful style. You have to adjust a little to the half-buried typography, but the strong point is that the word marks are clearly present, without ‘wanting’ too much. It’s calm and clear, it provides a stage without asking for too much attention. That stage is subsequently utilized by beautiful photography and motion graphic – very strong online – which must appeal to the opera and ballet-lover. There is, however, a light worry about the durability of the concept. Is the organization going to maintain the level of care (and budget) into the photography/image? I honestly hope so.” Score: 8

Here’s some more info in Dutch about the new identity and here’s an interesting Q&A with the studio’s co-founder Alex Clay on Creative Review.

Friday Favourites


The backgrounds of Scooby Doo

I rather liked looking through the background paintings of Scooby Doo, which was on Boing Boing recently. They were featured in an old blog from 2007 (in internet terms 2007 is ancient) where there’s a whole gallery of images from the series. It’s lovely to see the background artwork that sets the spooky scenes, without the distraction of the famous characters in the show.



Leica’s Let Us Roam

Thanks to Jonny for sharing this for Friday Faves: “Really enjoying this new video series by Leica – Let us roam. Beautifully shot with truly inspiring stories, even if you don’t skateboard. It’s about being creative and most of all having fun. ‘You’re gonna have to work. Best case scenario is doing something you enjoy’.



Tattooed porcelain ladies

Thanks to Jade S for sharing these sculptures, which she found via We Heart: “Old fashioned porcelain figurines are given the hipster makeover by Jessica Harrison merging my love of all things kitsch and cool. The figurines have been handcrafted by the artist (she did a PHD in sculpture) and then hand painted with traditional tattoo motifs.”




Lix – 3D printing pen

We love a bit of 3D printing. You may have noticed that we’ve had a fair few 3D printed things on previous Friday Faves, chocolate versions of your face, fancy ice cubes, flowers, dresses, stuff like that. Jade L found this intriguing new pen innovation called Lix, which allows you to ‘doodle in the air’, bringing those flat concepts to life nicely as a real life 3D object. The Lixpen was successfully funded via Kickstarter earlier this year, marketing itself as ‘the smallest 3D printing pen in the world‘.
Found via Policymic.



Vittel’s reminder Refresh Cap

Thanks to Sam W for sharing this interesting idea by Ogilvy Paris, for Vittel water, to help users keep tabs on how much water they’re drinking. It has an innovative cap featuring a timer that is reset every time you screw on the cap, that pops up a small flag to remind you to drink every hour. Very handy. Everyone is told to drink more water, but how many of us actually drink what we’re supposed to? Doesn’t gin count as water? Found via Creativity Online.