Friday Favourites

Cob Gallery & Nina Fowler

If you haven’t come across Nina Fowler before you’re in for a real treat. Using pencil and graphite she produces drawings of golden age Hollywood, often of epic proportion and enduring beauty – I once mistook some of her artwork for photography it’s that good. Her works stems from a fascination with Kenneth Anger‘s ‘Hollywood Babylon’ with many of the works focusing on the dark side of Hollywood and the representation and misrepresentation of women during this era – take a look at some of her work below and hop on her website when you get the chance – it’s ace.

a_real_allegory_part_ii_marlene-820x582 bessie1-438x620 Leaning-board_Jean_A1_SFW

Pre-Code films of the 1920s play a big part in Nina’s artwork as she manages to capture the controversial characterization of women during this often overlooked period in early cinema history. If you’re in London this Sunday Cob Gallery & Nina are putting on a screening of Dorothy Arzner ‘Merrily we go to Hell’ followed by a discussion panel lead by film historian and theorist Dr Margherita Sprio on the topic of women, film and censorship. There are still tickets available (email and you get a free print with your ticket – quids in!  This is all part of a crowd funding project to produce a hardback publication of works by Nina and you lucky folk could be part of it by popping along on Sunday or donating here.




Direction Studio Moross

Remember when we did our Catch Up with Kate Moross? Well, since then Studio Moross has been pretty busy as It’s Nice That released some amazing imagery of wait for it… One Direction’s current world tour, ‘On The Road’. That’s big. Kate and her Studio were asked to get involved last year and the Studio started work on this enormous project in August 2014. Read more about it on the post as it’s so inspiring to see her style translate into so many mediums and on such scale – you don’t get much bigger than Harry Styles.










Flow Motion

Like timelapse? Well you’re going to love hyperlapse. Rob Whitworth made this over the course of three months whilst travelling in Dubia, using a technique he has named Flow Motion (or hyperlapse). Three months. Three minutes. Check it out below.

Dubai Flow Motion from Rob Whitworth on Vimeo.

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Award Winning Work in Design Effectiveness

You’ll find a whole lot of smiles in our studios today, as we brought home 4 shiny new trophies from the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards ceremony last night.

DB team at the Design Effectiveness Awards 2015

Dress2Kill logo and suit in window

We’re delighted to have won a silver award for our work with innovative bespoke men’s tailor, Dress2Kill. Stitching our collaborative brand idea, ‘The Creative Tailors Who Dare’, into every touchpoint – from the redefined brand marque, to an experiential launch event, via advertising and marketing materials – Dress2Kill has seen profits double and turnover increase by 50%, despite the economic slowdown.

Dress2Kill shop front

Our work with AkzoNobel was also recognised by DBA last night, scoring us a silver for our Dulux Once premium paint packaging. Not only does our design solution resonate with consumers and retailers (including doubling sales and providing a 10:1 return on investment for our clients – a fantastic achievement for a major consumer brand), it has also improved Dulux’s environmental footprint.

Dulux Once

We are extremely proud to count a bronze award for the repositioning and redesign for Bolsius’ Aromatics candle range. Starting with the insight that Bolsius candles scent your house 100% naturally, we created the ‘True scents, true moods’ idea. After our redesign, Bolsius has trebled sales, doubled its market share in the Netherlands, moved into new international markets and now has the fastest growing market share in Europe – pretty impressive stuff in a category where global giants moved into the mass-market home fragrance sector.

Bolsius Aromatics

Beerlao Gold

Our reinvention of the Beerlao Gold brand is a story that we’re incredibly proud of. By really getting under the skin of the Laotian market, we crafted a premium new beer bottle design, rooted in cultural authenticity. Since its February 2014 launch, the brand has achieved an incredible 883% increase in year-on-year sales growth, so we’re thrilled to receive a bronze award in recognition.

In true DB style we had a celebratory beverage last night, so cheers to everybody who was involved.

DB at the Design Effectiveness Awards 2015

Friday Favourites

3D Typography from Tolga Girgin

Thanks Robin White who sent in this amazing 3D calligraphy, reminiscent of the 90s classic Magic Eye, from Turkish graphic designer Tolga Girgin. It’s rather mind bending when you stare at it for too long – mind bending and very impressive. Take a look at some more of his work here.







There’s a storm brewing

There’s nothing quite like having a cosy night when there’s a storm outside is there? But when we’d be tucked up inside with a warm coco photographer Mike Hollingshead would be out there chasing the storm with his camera – rather him than me. Over the years he’s captured some amazing shots and with a little help from photoshop he’s set some of his snaps into motion, impressively using only static images. Have a look below and check out more of his work on his website here.

Flower Trophies

To end Friday Favs this week we have a special mention as our very own Fabio Milito, Senior Designer in our Amsterdam office, got a mention on the Colossal this week with a very cool project of his. A more animal friendly approach to taxidermy, Elkebana is a project that sees wall-mounted symmetrical sets of flowers or tree branches, getting its name from ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement. You can see from the images below just how beautiful they look – a wonderful edition to any wall and they are suitable for vegans. Follow the link here to check out the more.








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Friday Favourites

Ice berg, right ahead

People often talk about the tip of the ice berg but you don’t hear much about the other bit. Well, today is your lucky day as designer, filmmaker, and photographer Alex Cornell captured these stunning shots of an upturned ice berg whilst travelling via the Drake Passage in Antarctica. The below shots are all from a place called Cierva Cove – quite spectacular. Check out more of his work here.

Antarctica Ice Berg

Flipped Berg


Flipped Blue Ice



Sun light

View with boat

All things great and small

It’s hard to imagine just how big those ice bergs are but it’s even harder to work out what has been photographed in the below images. Artist Paynek has published a series featuring micro photographs of everyday images and it’s pretty tricky to label them. So, if you have a few minutes try and have a guess, then watch the film for the big (or small) reveal. Enjoy.





Micro Objects

Flower Power

Remember the flower press? Afternoons making pansy bookmarks? Well, Spanish artist Ignacio Canales Aracil has taken this a little further with these beautiful flower sculptures, shared on Colossal this week. She weaves patches of hand picked flowers on large molds and let’s them dry out, leaving these amazingly delicate pieces. Aren’t they great – I wouldn’t lean on them though.




ignacio-4 (1)




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Dog’s Bollocks Student Awards 2015: Call for Entries!

This year’s Dog’s Bollocks Student Awards 2015 is underway.

We want you to redesign a famous brand.

We’re inviting you to choose a famous brand and redesign it in a breakthrough way. We’ve popped everything you need to know in the brief, so if you haven’t read it already feel free to download it here and get cracking.

Design Bridge Dogs Bollocks Student Awards 2015 Brief


Over the years we’ve taken on several great designers who we discovered through the Dog’s Bollocks competition. This is a great opportunity to show us what you can do as there’s the chance to win a paid placement in our London studio.

Here are a few examples of winning work from last year.

2014 winners:

Gold: Pledge by April Temlett, Falmouth University



Click images to view larger versions





Creative Director Dave Annetts commented: “April’s work shone through in two entries, where her instinct for telling relevant and insightful stories about brands was communicated through very different and memorable design ideas.”


Silver: Florette by April Temlett, Falmouth University





Bronze: Dax by Sam Harvey, NUA




Runner up: Tabasco, by Toby Roberts, NUA





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Friday Favourites

Let it go!

This week Fubiz have put together a very cool selection of stunning images – some might even say, they’re as cool as ice. These photographs of frozen lakes and ponds from across the globe don’t need much explaining, just take a look for yourself. They’re pretty amazing.

PhotographerIce Rider in Siberia by Matthieu Paley.

Frozen-Pond-by-Adam-RifkinBubbles in The Ice of Abraham Lake by Phillips Chip

Bubbles-Under-The-Ice-of-Abraham-Lake-by-Emmanuel-CoupeBubbles Under The Ice of Abraham Lake by Emmanuel Coupe

Blue-Pond-in-Japan-by-Kent-ShiraishiBlue Pond in Japan by Kent Shiraishi.

Bubbles-in-The-Ice-of-Abraham-Lake-by-Phillips-ChipBubbles in The Ice of Abraham Lake by Phillips Chip

Lake-Druzhby-in-Antarctica-by-Stu-ShawLake Druzhby in Antarctica by Stu Shaw.

Frost-Flowers-in-the-Arctic-Ocean-by-Matthias-WietzFrost Flowers in the Arctic Ocean by Matthias Wietz


Baikal-Lake-in-Russia-by-Daniel-KordanBaikal Lake in Russia by Daniel KordanPond-in-Switzerland-by-DartaiPond in Switzerland by Dartai


Cha-Cha-Cha Changes

Moving on from the frozen lakes, we move onto Mr. Cool himself. David Bowie turned 68 last week, and in celebration of this and his changing faces, Helen Green created this wonderful Gif featuring 29 of her own illustrations. From 1964’s Davie Jones to an image of him taken by Jimmy King last year, the rather hypnotic animation is aptly named Time May Change Me – and it certainly did.

You can see more of her great work if you follow the link on her name. Both the black and white and colour stills of all 29 frames are available to buy through Society6. Enjoy.

Colour David Bowie




The daily routines of famous people

Thank you Robin White for sharing these great infographics from the people at Podia showing the daily structures of some of our most loved creative minds. Some interesting stuff here – American writer Mary Flannery O’Connor sure liked a leisurely afternoon, didn’t she. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.


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Friday Favourites

FMCG Fashion

Ever fancied trying a Tiffany yoghurt, Nike Orange or iMilk? No? Okay, well don’t worry as you don’t have to, but you can take a look at what their packaging may look like. Israel-based designer Peddy Mergui has reimagined some of our best loved fashion brands in the supermarket shopping aisles, putting Ferrari next to the tinned tomatoes, Bulgari in the fridge and Louis Vuitton hanging with the cured meats – and the results are rather charming. Thanks Co.Design for sharing these – take a peek below.











Always on our mind

As we’re on the theme of reimaging butter, I thought I must share this brilliant drawing posted by ABC News of a certain birthday boy who was a big fan of deep frying things in butter. Created by age progression artist Jovey Hayes, it shows what Elvis Presley might look like if he were still alive today, as today my friends, he would have been 80 years old. Happy Birthday Elvis!


More ABC News Videos | ABC World News

Chameleon Tea Cup

It’s pretty nippy outside, so to avoid the New Year sniffles make sure you drink lots of warming tea – and what better way to do this is there than with a proper matching cup and saucer.  So you can imagine my delight when I came across the Cup & Saucer, by Japan’s D-Bro design studio, which means your cup will always match your saucer whatever the pattern due to a palladium surface that mirrors the design of the saucers they sit on. Watch the video below – genius.

Cup & Saucer | D-BROS PRODUCTS from NOROSI on Vimeo.








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A christmas toast with Trip Trap special edition


After the fun we had with the original Trip Trap beer back in September, we thought there could be no better way of finishing the year than with a cold glass of warming craft beer.

Original Trip Trap Beer bottle shots

Trip Trap Beer ‘Original’

Through many extended ‘tasting sessions’ we finally decided on a heady blend of seasonal flavours: ginger, cinnamon, vanilla and burned orange zest. Brewhemoth worked their magic and the result is a rich and delicious one-off batch that smells and tastes as good as it looks.


A stubby bottle thats easy going and has the distinctive swing-top opening so that noone has to get out of their armchair to open it  (it’s that time of year). The label even forms it’s own trip trap beer mat, with a special Christmas message from the Trip trap team.


So raise a glass to a fantastic 2014, and look forward to 2015. Proost!


Design Bridge Amsterdam goes back in time for Christmas

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 16.52.31

Ho-Ho-Daddy-o! It’s that time of year again, and with another award winning year coming to an end, what better way to let our hair down than with a 50’s style prom night?



Lowering the tone at the historical Vondelpark Pavilion, the whole agency broke out the grease and sequins and tucked into hotdogs, burgers and a killer punch.


Despite being carefully organised by our very own Pink Ladies (with a couple of token jocks to do all the heavy lifting) it quickly degenerated into a bacchanal of dancing and tomfoolery – a chilling insight into what the future could hold if this new-fangled rock and roll nonsense is allowed to continue unchecked.


There were the embarrassing yearbook photos and the awards for teachers pet, biggest smart-arse and the most likely to get arrested, and of course we crowned the king and queen of the class of 2014.





Friday Favourites

The Nuna popsicle

Thank you to Ivan Cervantes who sent in these amazing architectural icy treats this week. These tasty food designs are from architects Manu Kumar and Stefan Gendl, from the design agency Neubau Berlin. They teamed up with master chef Heiko Antoniewicz and the Nuna Popsicle was born. Check out the fruity science behind it here.






A painted paintbrush

I stumbled across these fantastic paint brushes on Colossal this week, from the San Franciscan artist Rebecca Szeto. Her series, called Paintbrush Portraits, mainly features woman from the Renaissance period and the final pieces are so beautiful. Rebecca reforms the bulky tools, transforming them into the artwork in such delicate way – I think they are great.








Whisky Brogues

It’s the season for merriment and the odd tipple, so I was delighted when I found these limited edition Oliver Sweeney Red Label Jonnie Walker Brogues. Perfect for a touch of style and whiskey  – get them on your Christmas list boys.





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