Favourites found this week

Here are few of the best things we’ve found this week in the world of art, design and branding.

Lead Pencil Studio‘s fantastic new installation, Non-Sign II at the Vancouver/US border works as a kind of ‘anti-billboard’ that frames the changing landscape beyond. It’s being described as the billboard that advertises nothing, and has caused a bit of a stir among various blogs. Found via Res72, more on FastCoDesign.

Beautifully designed, (if a tad haunting) luxurious baby furniture from Baby Suommo in Spain, which featured at this year’s Kind & Jugend fair. Found via If It’s Hip, It’s Here.

Simone Lourenço digs beneath the surface to create these wonderful, multilayered, explosive and intricate paper works. Found via Today and Tomorrow.

Shot at Heathrow’s terminal 5 last week, the three minute version launched this week on the 80 UK TV channel. Aside from a slight worry that the whole flashmob thing is a bit old hat, it’s very well done. It’s entertaining and makes you want to watch it, there is a lot of really genuine human emotion going on here and it manages to avoid the self indulgence that would be very easy with this kind of ad…And amazingly no instruments – just voices creating it all.

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