Friday Favourites

I had to share these animals made from Louis Vuitton purses and handbags, which were created for a project called Maroquinaris Zoologicae. They were created by artist and maker Billie Achilleos, who was commissioned to make a rather fabulous 30-piece collection which included various birds, insects and mammals. It was first displayed at the Parisian taxidermy store Deyrolle back in October as part of their 100th anniversary celebrations. It’s hard to pick my favourite but the chameleon is particularly special. Here are a few examples, but more can be found on Trendland.


Thanks to Holly for finding these rather lovely vintage circus and theatre posters from the Leeds Play Bills archive. This was found on Flyer Goodness, a blog dedicated to awesome posters and flyers.

Nice work from Ben Heine in his Pencil vs Camera series of images. I love the hand drawn element to these, and they reminded me of similar ideas such as Michael Hughes’ photos of souvenirs positioned into the picture, or  Jason Powell’s Looking into the Past photos featuring older images superimposed onto the areas within the picture.  Thanks to Dan for finding this one via his cousin’s blog.

This one’s slightly different but I thought it was rather cute all the same.

I love the idea of painting using a completely different kind of writing tool. US painter Tyree Callahan customised a vintage typewriter, replacing the ink ribbon and traditional keys with colour pads and coloured labels. The Chromatic Typewriter was submitted as part of the 2012 West Prize. Found via Colossal.