Friday Favourites

This installation by artist Zadok Ben David is stunning – I wish it was on in London at the moment as I’d be down there in a flash. It’s made from 12,000 cut steel botanical illustrations which cover the floor of the gallery. From one side they appear in black and white, but from another angle they become a sea of colour. Found by Holly – check out more images and the video on Colossal.

Thanks to James for finding this great project by Niklas Roy, who we discovered makes some amazing inventions/art projects using electronic components. This one, entitled ‘A little piece of privacy’ was a lovely idea using a small piece of curtain. It made me smile, and it was great to see how it was made too.

Polish designer/artist Odiabe has created a visual animation of the motion of a drummer. The artist uses motion-tracked drumsticks which behave like a paintbrush to draw shapes in the air, and then they are turned into a 3D animation. More info on the video via Fast Co Design – found by Dan.

I stumbled across these paintings by Alyssa Monks whilst trawling various blogs this week and thought they were extraordinary. At a glance they seem photographic but then up close the painting style is beautiful, and I love the underwater ones.

Christian discovered the East London Furniture company, who make simple but rather gorgeous furniture from 100% recycled materials. We often use vintage or furniture made of recycled materials for our meeting rooms and cafe areas at Design Bridge, so this was an inspiring find, especially as it’s not far from our London office.