Friday Favourites

Pawel Nolbert’s Sneakercube design project caught my eye this week. Pawel has taken his favourite sneakers from designers such as Louboutin and re-imagined them as cubes. What struck me straight away is how they would make great packaging (except they’d have to be rectangular, I guess for shoes, but you get my drift). It’s an interesting idea and there’s something really quite appealing about a shoe design being morphed into a simple shape, so it is completely changed, but retains the essence of the original object. Found via Lost at E Minor.

I’m forever in danger of sharing too many cat-related things found on the interweb, but I couldn’t resist this one I’m afraid. These photographs were taken by Ralph Crane for Life magazine in 1961, showing the rare sight of an audition for black cats in Hollywood. I love the way most of the cats are looking slightly awkward about the fact they’re outside in strange place (as they tend to do), and the style of the owners is rather fabulous. Thanks to James for finding this, via Retronaut.

Thanks to Nicolle for sharing this: ‘A dramatic surprise on a quiet square’: would you push the button? This is great – you can understand why this has already racked up more than three million views on YouTube. This great ad marks the launch of a new TNT TV station in Belguim, but it doesn’t matter where you are from to appreciate this thrilling little slice of viral fun.

In a similar theme of disrupting public squares, Gokce shared this great campaign from Tic Tac in France:

Thanks to Jade for sharing these rather beautiful Floral X-Rays, by photographer Brendan Fitzpatrick. He has an amazing and diverse range of work, his site is really worth a look.
We were drawn to these particular images, especially as spring is in the air. Found via Colossal.

I love the simplicity of the graphics on Stephen Wildish’s Film Alphabet posters, which test your knowledge of 1980s and 1990s films. The simple fact that he created them as part of a Friday Project - ‘to create something pretty or witty for Friday’ – naturally we had to share it on our Friday Favourites. Found by Christian C, via Design Taxi.