Friday Favourites

Mary Ellen Johnson’s hyper-realistic paintings of indulgent desserts (and other foods) are just oozing with flavour. They remind me a bit of the 80’s posters I had in my bedroom as a child, but I just love the fact that these slightly sickly, too-perfect images are actual paintings, which have a gloriously glossy, almost fetishistic appeal. Found via Its Nice That – more gorgeous food paintings on her website.

I was quite excited to discover Thomas Allen’s work with pulp fiction books (on the wonderful Beautiful Decay site). I loved the idea of using the book cover as a pop up to almost recreate a scene from the book, and the use of focus in the photography to add drama. More on his Pinterest site.

Thanks to Katie for finding these pointillist portraits created by Philip Karlberg, using peg board and pencils. See if you can work out who they are before you read the description. More of Philip Karlberg’s Pin Art on his website. Found on The Cool Hunter.

I love these installations by Alice Andersen, which are created from huge lengths of doll’s hair. The choice of material was based on her relationship with her own red hair, and anxieties in childhood. More of her installation and sculpture work can be found on her website, including interviews with the artist. Some of it reminded me of the work of Louise Bourgeois, I just love it. Found (again) via Beautiful Decay.