Friday Favourites

This week’s Friday Favourites comes purely from our Singapore team, so thanks to everyone there for sending through their great finds (and to Audrey T for writing and pulling it all together).

Thanks to Jian’An for drawing our attention to these mind-blowing photo manipulations by Paris-based 3D/CGI/retouching studio, Asile. They take photo manipulation to a whole new level with these comical and surprising images, and they’ve worked with some amazing brands and campaigns. Here are a few examples but there are some slightly more surreal, or darker ones here. Found on the Inspiration section of the psdtuts+ site.

Thanks to Farah for sharing the work of artist Chris Carlson, who takes us through the painstaking process of creating his Super Mario 3D street art in this time lapse video. The whole process of creating this took 11 hours but is shrunk to just under 4 minutes for this video.

Thanks to Jas for finding the work of Michael Chase, a US-based photographer whose works are centered around the idea of impermanence, using colour, texture, and composition to highlight the subject of decay. The main objective is to draw attention to the passing of time and immediacy of separation. Through his work, he attempts to show the viewer that beauty can be found in unlikely places.  Check out his Tumblr, Area of Interest, and more about him on his Behance profile.

More musicians are expanding their craft beyond music to enhance the audio-visual experience. CocoRosie’s latest video for their new single ‘We Are On Fire’ is a visual celebration and exploration of classical art, employing lighting reminiscent of Chiaroscuro techniques, in combination with couture, photography and slow motion (high speed) cinematography. It creates a dramatic composition of the idea of the transient “frozen moment”. The aspect ratio of cinematic film and the subtle inclusion of 3D graphics result in a beautiful collaboration between classical and modern art. Thanks to Jian’An for finding this.

In a stroke of genius by Roxana Altamirano, Nerd Boyfriend shows you how to transform your boyfriend or husband into your favourite classic screen icons and celebrities with a change of wardrobe. The site features the looks of personalities like David Bowie, Morrissey and Davy Jones on set, and creates an online shopping catalogue for your easy reference. Thanks to Farah for sharing this one.

Jin Ping found these intricate works of art created using paper creases and folds by German artist Simon Schubert. Schubert spent two years perfecting the art of folding paper and takes up to two weeks to create each piece. His paper creations are so convincing that he’s had to persuade several people that they’re not painted or drawn.

Grace A shared this site, which represents to her “the power of meaningful design and quick turn around”. It was created in response to homophobic tweets to Frank Ocean, an incredibly talented R&B artist, who came out as a homosexual on the internet (in an absolutely beautiful message on his blog) and the hip hop community erupted in polarity. He was inundated with bigotry and hateful tweets. Five Swedish designers took the hate and turned it around, by creating a site which collects homophobic Tweets directed at Ocean, and generates an auto tweet response to each individual message. The automated tweet proudly proclaims, “It’s not who you love – it’s *that* you love that truly matters.”