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Catch Up With – Wendy Bevan


Portrait of Wendy Bevan by Martina Scorcucchi

At Design Bridge we’re all about mastering craft – and if you’re looking for a master of their craft, look no further than Wendy Bevan. Wendy is a young artist whose talent spans over an array of disciplines – and by array we mean photography, performance art, film, music, and yeah she even has her own hypnagogic anti-band called Temper Temper.

Wendy has snapped for Italian Vogue, i-D, Harper’s Bazaar, Italian Marie Claire and her list of subjects include Tilda Swinton and Debbie Harry – she is one cool cat. Her often haunting photographic imagery is a nod to everything analogue; she tries to avoid digital at all costs, “I enjoy the craft of using light and film”, responds Wendy as she elegantly walks me around her latest solo show, Slow Light at The Cob Gallery, Camden.





The Polaroid camera is her friend and her chosen companion in the creation of her signature dream-like compositions using carefully choreographed light and multiple exposures. In her latest show the camera has been turned on the artist to create an audio-visual installation including some never before seen shots and a soundscape written by Wendy and produced by Christos Fanaras.


As I wander around I’m absorbed into a realm far removed from the digitally drenched everyday – it really is beautiful. After taking in the sights and sounds of this vivid instillation I caught up with the Polaroid extraordinaire herself for a Catch Up With Q & A.

In one word can you sum up how you are feeling about this show?


What was the big idea behind Slow Light?

Transcendence, moving and redirecting the light in life within oneself.
Finding new
light, often slowly.

What advice would you tell a younger Wendy?

95% of the time it all works out for the best.

If you could take a picture of anyone, who would it be?

David Lynch. I’d like his eyes to stare into the lens of my camera, and me to stare directly through the lens back into his.
I’d certainly like to capture his light in a

How did you go about selecting your work for the show?

A lot of pacing up and down, going for walks and thinking. Having the occasional coffee.

If you were on a desert island and you could take one photograph, what would it be?

The vast distance of nothingness that stood before me.

Would you rather receive an anonymous postcard or send one?


Why should people get down here?

Get down where? To the show? Because they simply must….

This show is on until May 30th and I would highly recommend taking Wendy’s advice – you simply must go. It’s different. It’s real. It’s an understanding of craft presented with a modern grit. It’s independent from the polished, Photoshopped phenomena we are forced to digest – and you know us, we’re all for being independent. Go and check it out.

On until May 30th, The Cob Gallery, 205 Royal College Street, NW1 0SG



by Anna Stanford

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