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1600 Pandas in Hong Kong

1600 papier-mâché pandas are on display across Hong Kong at the moment for the travelling exhibit “Pandas On Tour”. The number 1600 might sound quite random, but the papier-mâché pandas actually represent every remaining panda on earth (recent estimates place the number at 1596). These were created by French sculptor Paulo Grangeon, the WWF, PMQ and agency All Rights Reserved to raise awareness of how few of these creatures there are on the planet. The sight of these pandas is amazingly cute and at the same time, knowing the thought behind it, quite depressing. Found via Fubiz.



Knitted food by Jessica Dance

Jessica Dance’s neatly knitted food gives a whole new meaning to the term “comfort food”. I can spend hours gazing at food pictures and these particular shots make me feel all warm inside (and still hungry, oddly enough). Found via Colossal.



Thomas Broome’s word rooms


Artist Thomas Broome created some beautiful illustrations where interiors are constructed with words; each object built up within the image using its descriptive name. Such a simple, unique idea. Found via Fubiz.



Zimoun’s installation of dancing packing material

It’s really worth putting your headphones on while you watch this video. Sound artist Zimoun has created an installation “36 ventilators, 4.7 m3 packing chips” at the Art Museum of Lugano in Switzerland shows a perfect plastic storm. 36 ventilators blow clouds of packing chips against the windows and it looks and sounds like a hauntingly, turbulent ocean. Found via Colossal.


Slow motion tattoo designs

When you get tattooed, depending on the body part, it is usually hard to see what exactly is going on. You get to see the stencil on your skin, pain kicks in and a few hours later you are a tattoo richer. Thanks to this video by tattoo artist Gaëtan Le Gargasson (aka GueT Deep), I now know exactly what’s been done to my skin, as he’s made a film showing the process in slow motion. Somehow I am quite glad I don’t always get to watch. For those of you who are needle-phobic, we’ve avoided sharing the gifs, but check out these and more details on Beautiful Decay.


by Anna Stanford

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