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Friday Favourites

The nights are starting to draw in and the leaves are beginning to turn (except for our team in Singapore, where it’s always summer!), so here are some autumnal photographs by Aaron Burden to celebrate the change of season:




We found these on Fubiz and you can see more on Burden’s website.

All Hallows’ Eve

With Halloween just around the corner, and parties being planned across our Studios, what better way to find some inspiration for your costume this year than by taking a look at Halloween traditions from around the world? Did you know, for example, that in Hong Kong people celebrate the Hungry Ghost Festival? Or that in Italy it is customary to pay tribute to the departed by putting a red candle in your window at sunset, and to set a place at the table for those spirits you hope will pay a visit? You can find out more about Halloween customs from all around the world on Mental Floss.


Skull photo by Mathew MacQuarrie on Unsplash.

If you want to see what we got up to for Halloween in London and Amsterdam last year, here’s the link. It was truly terrifying.


Edible flora

From the scary to the sweet, take a look at these beautiful flowers by pastry chef Maggie Austin. Amazingly, they are all 100% edible, crafted by hand from sugar.




You can see more of Austin’s tasty work on Instagram. We found the story on My Modern Met.


More handcrafting, but this time with puppets! But Barnaby Dixon’s puppets are no ordinary puppets. In fact, they’re quite unlike anything we’ve ever seen and you can find out a little bit more about his work in the short film below:

Jade spotted this on Great Big Story.

Instagram of the Week

To end this FF, our favourite find on Instagram this week is @paperofthepast – a beautiful collection of vintage scrapbooks. From handwritten letters to packaging, home photographs to stamps from all around the world, just think of the stories you might discover…


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