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Friday Favourites

It’s a lovely autumnal day at Design Bridge London today (where this week’s FF blog post is coming to you from), so what better way to start our Friday Favourites than by sharing this beautiful film of the sun rising over Colchester, shot and edited by our very own Jody:

Poster Girls

If you happen to find yourself in London in the next few months then we’d highly recommend a trip to the London Transport Museum’s recently opened Poster Girls – a century of art and design. The exhibition focuses on the work of female artists and graphic designers who have been designing posters for London Transport and Transport for London since the 1900’s, and there’s some truly inspiring work on display. Here are a few of our favourites:

Come Out To Play by Rosemary Ellis and Clifford Ellis

Come Out To Play by Rosemary Ellis and Clifford Ellis

Q.E.D. by Margaret Calkin James

Q.E.D. by Margaret Calkin James


Boat Races Head Of The River by Anne Hickmott

Summer Sales Quickly Reached by Mary Koop

Summer Sales Quickly Reached by Mary Koop

We found the story on It’s Nice That, and you can visit the London Transport Museum website for more information.


Fan of fireworks? Hanabi taikai is an annual Japanese fireworks festival that was traditionally used to ward off evil spirits. The festival still takes place all over Japan during July and August, and this year photographer Keisuke documented several displays. The results are quite spectacular:




We found these on Fubiz and you can see more of Keisuke’s work on Instagram.

Music x Photoshop

Time for a spot of music. This week we love the new video for Spoon’s ‘Do I Have To Talk You Into It’, which has been made entirely using Photoshop and is shot in the style of a YouTube tutorial:

You can find out more about the making of the video on It’s Nice That.

Oh My Gourd

And finally this week, if you’re gearing up for Halloween then prepare yourself for some pumpkin-based inspiration in this stop-motion carving adventure by Ohkamp (aka Sean Ohlenkamp and Rob Popkin), complete with “Pumpkin Orchestration” soundtrack:

Found on The Inspiration.

Stay tuned for more Halloween goings-on in the DB Studios next week…


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