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Friday Favourites

We’ve talked a little bit about sustainability elsewhere on our blog recently, so let’s start this week’s Friday Favourites on-topic with a trio of stories on imaginative ways that artists have been working with recycled paper and cardboard.

First up is artist James Lake and his wonderful recycled cardboard sculptures, which you can learn about in short film, The Art of Recycling, below:

Found via Colossal, you can see more on James’ website.

Earlier this week we also came across Lydia Ricci’s sculpture project, From Scraps. Lydia has been collecting scraps of paper, cardboard and other bits and bobs for years, turning them into “small objects that hold distinctive memories”. Here are a few of our favourites:






You can see more on (we found the story on swissmiss).

Described by Colossal as a “botanical paper artist”, Kate Kato uses recycled paper to sculpt and craft intricate nature-inspired pieces. We think they’re rather lovely.




You can see more of Kate’s work on her Instagram.


You’d be forgiven for thinking that this next set of images were digitally created. They’re actually photomicrographs – images taken through a microscope, allowing the human eye to see even the tiniest of things up close.

Image by Charles Krebs Photography.

Image by Charles Krebs Photography (a daddy longlegs).

Image by Christian Gautier.

Image by Christian Gautier (a sea cucumber).

Image by Marek Miś.

Image by Marek Miś (a bird’s feather).

Image by Jean-Marc Babalian.

Image by Jean-Marc Babalian (algae).

All of these images were winners at this year’s Nikon Small World Photomicography Competition, which has been running for over 40 years. You can see more miniature wonders on the competition website (Jade spotted the story on Atlas Obscura).

We’ll always have Paris

Still on the subject of photography, Birgitte shared Creative Review’s coverage of this year’s Paris Photo Fair – a showcase of some of the world’s best photography, now in its 21st year and with a staggering 64,000 entries on display. Here are a few that caught our attention:

Photo by Irving Penn © Condé Nast

Photo by Irving Penn © Condé Nast.

Photo © Jim Campbell.

Photo © Jim Campbell.

Photo by Noémie Goudal.

Photo © Noémie Goudal.

Photo © Mishka Henner.

Photo © Mishka Henner.

The next Paris Photo will take place in November 2018, you can find out more here.

Beautiful Books

To end this week’s Friday Favourites, a story we spotted on Creative Boom about a new book that will most definitely be going on our Christmas list. The Illustrated Dust Jacket, 1920-1970 is “the first study of book jacket design through the prism of illustration”. Here’s a peek at what you’ll discover inside…







Order your copy here (did we mention that it’s on our Christmas list?).


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