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Friday Favourites

Now, many of our Friday Favourites are of a visual nature, but this week Helen H shares some audio inspiration: “Gemma Cairney’s ‘Leisure Society’ podcasts on 6 Music are really inspiring for creative thinking. So far she’s done Goldie and Hot Yoga (who knew?), Tracy Emin and her beloved Margate, and Kelley Deal on knitting.”

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You can download and listen to the podcasts at the BBC website.

For bonus audio inspiration this week, check out the latest ‘Friday Mixtape’ from It’s Nice That. Curated by illustrator Molly Fairhurst, it’s full of songs to draw to (and what could be more inspiring than that?)…

Tactile Textiles

From Holly K this week: “Patrick Grant, CEO of moodboard favourite Norton & Sons, has created a beautifully simple clothing brand based around the idea of reviving the British textile industry and building a sense of community back into fashion. This is well worth a read, particularly if you’re working on anything with a sustainability slant.” Read all about it on Creative Review and visit to see the latest collection. The brand also has a beautifully shot and curated Instagram, too.



And while we’re on the subject of denim, Creative Boom has shared some photos of artist Ian Berry’s new ‘Secret Garden’ installation at the Children’s Museum of the Arts in New York, which he has crafted entirely out of the fabric.





You can see more of Ian Berry’s work on his website – his denim portraits are particularly inspiring.

Photographs by Lucinda Grange and Will Ellis via Creative Boom

The Drawing Machinist

Our favourite Instagram find this week is James Nolan Gandy – @gandyworks – who shares beautiful photos and films of the geometric artworks he creates using a mechanical drawing machine…  


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A post shared by James Nolan Gandy (@gandyworks) on


We found the story on Mashable and you can learn more about his work here. We’ll see you back here next week for more Friday Favourites…


Friday Favourites


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