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Friday Favourites

We’ll begin our Friday Favourites this week with 2 lovely craft stories we found on Fubiz. First up is Ekaterina Lukasheva’s incredibly intricate geometric origami, all crafted by hand using only paper – not a spot of glue in sight. The first one in particular really reminds us of chocolate…

Follow more of Ekaterina’s work on Instagram: @ekaterina.lukasheva

Our second crafty find is the beautifully colourful, landscape-inspired embroideries by Vera Shimunia. Here are a few of our favourites:

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You can also see more of Vera’s work on Instagram: @shimunia

How do I look?

This week we came across what appears to be a new trend in photography – glamorous animals! For example, Italian photographers Moreno Monti and Matteo Tranchellini have created a book of fashion-forward chicken portraits. The pair initially used Kickstarter to fund their pet project, and it has since received pledges of more than 10x what they originally set out to achieve. Impressive work. Here come some of the stars, and you can follow the project on Instagram: @hchicken_ph.

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Over in Finland (the happiest place to live in the world, fact fans), photographer Joachim Munter treats his subjects – forest animals – as if they were supermodels…




Stories found via Colossal and Neatorama.

The vintage web

Forget about the future of digital design, this week we’ve gone back in time with Petr Kovar’s Web Design Museum project – a collection of screenshots of what some of the world’s most popular websites used to look like.


Whatever you think of web design of the past, it’s interesting to see how it has evolved over the years, and it’s a great reminder of how some of the brands we know and love (and a few that no longer exist) used to look. AIGA Eye on Design has an interview with Petr if you want to find out more.


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