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Friday Favourites

Wednesday was Diwali – the “festival of lights” – which is celebrated by Hindus, Jains and Sikhs all over the world. We’ll be celebrating Diwali in the London Studio later on today so, in the meantime, we thought we should start this week’s Friday Favourites with something light-themed – this stunning fireworks image by Karen Blaha. You should also take a look at the photo gallery on Huffington Post for more colour-rich imagery from celebrations around the globe (thanks to Sharan for sharing). Happy Diwali everyone!

Tasty Type

Diwali celebrations involve lots of food, so it’s only fitting to share something mouth-watering next – this edible typography, found by Frankie:

Edible Type honey

Edible Type horseradish

Edible Type coffee

These are all part of the ‘Twist Your Favourites” campaign for UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s. The campaign encourages home cooks to add new and interesting twists to classic family recipes, such as cranberry sauce in your cheese toastie and chorizo in your lasagne – two things we’d happily sample.

Find out more on Creative Bloq and visit the campaign website for some foodie inspiration. We particularly like the fact that the ‘Homemade’ logo is made from buttered toast. Yum.

Discover your roots

“Digging deep” is something that underpins all of our work at Design Bridge and Jade has found something that quite literally “digs deep” – these incredible photographs of roots, revealing the intricacies of how plants grow and sustain themselves in the American Midwest:

Roots man

Roots Switchgrass

Roots crop

This project was a collaboration between Jim Richardson (Photographer) and Dr Jerry Glover (Agroecologist and Geographic Emerging Explorer), and you can find out more about their process of removing the plants and photographing them on the National Geographic website. Nature is amazing.

Jumping for joy

Birgitte was recently in Paris and told us all about her visit to the Philippe Halsman “Astonish Me!” photography retrospective, an exhibition that is currently on display at the Jeu de Paume gallery. Halsman was famous for shooting celebrity portraits, but is also known for his ‘jumpology’ work – photographs of people jumping in the air. He believed that this technique helped the subject to lose their inhibitions, drop their masks and show off the real ‘them’. Here are a couple of his most famous ‘jumpers':

Philippe Halsman Ava Gardner

Philippe Halsman Monroe & Halsman-

Philippe Halsman William Holden

He even captured royalty…

Philippe Halsman Duke & Dutchess of Windsor

All images from

Origami Car

To mark the Nissan Juke’s 5th birthday, Nissan teamed up with Owen Gildersleeve to create a full-size, origami-inspired paper replica of the vehicle. The brilliantly crafted results are captured in the film below – thanks to Nathan for sharing this with us:

“With the right idea, you can build anything from almost nothing.” Inspiring words.


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