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Friday Favourites

Welcome to Friday Favourites – our weekly round up of stories, pictures, films and people that have inspired our creativity and captured our imagination. First up is Vento, a project combining some of our favourite things – illustration, animation and books. Illustrator/animator duo Virginia Mori and Virgilio Villoresiave are behind the beautifully crafted picture storybook which comes to life when a sheet of optical film is placed over the pages. Take a look at the trailer below to see more:

We found this on Colossal.

Visions of the Future

Jade spotted this collection of beautiful travel posters from NASA, and we were rather impressed to discover that they are all available to download and print for free. These are our favourites – which are yours?




All images courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech.


Interested in the art of tattooing? If you’re in London over the next few months then we would highly recommend a trip to the Museum of London to check out Tattoo London – a free exhibition exploring the history of tattooing in the city, and featuring work from tattoo studios local to DB London. Andy went along to the exhibition launch party to find out more…


“As a Non-Tattoo I was worried that I would feel a little voyeuristic – but I guess that’s the idea of a tattoo; they are for display, to exhibit, otherwise what’s the point of having them? The real heroes of the exhibition are the four showcased tattoo artists, and the sketches and objects they have used as inspiration.”


“This isn’t an exhibition about anthropology, or the extremes that people take it to. It’s a celebration of the love and craft that goes in to creating tattoos.

Did it convince me to get a tattoo? I realised that I don’t have a statement that I want to make on my skin. But, more importantly for me, is my love of illustration (and maybe a bit of OCD) means that I could never commit to one style – I think I’d tire of what I had too quickly.

My take out? I love tattoos (or the idea of them), and it’s really okay to be the observer and simply admire the art.”


The exhibition is open until 8th May 2016. More info here.

Minimal Monuments

Next up, a spot of photography from our favourite photographer find this week – Mylène Fernandes. We love her ‘Minimal Monuments’ series, which captures snippets of world famous landmarks set against glorious skies. Can you identify these European monuments?

MyleneFernandes_Pyramide du Louvre - Paris



We found this on Fubiz, and you can see more of her work on her website.

Oh, and the photos we featured above are: Pyramid de Louvre in Paris, Statute de la Liberté in Budapest, and Parque das Naçoes in Lisbon.

The Perfect Match

And finally this week we’ve got a lovely little film about the craft of making wallpaper to share. It was filmed just outside of London in the 1968 and is a treasure trove of vintage prints and home furnishings – enjoy!

Found via Colossal.


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