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The definition of the ‘art gallery’ is now more than ever being challenged by artists as we see walls, pavements and public spaces transformed into exciting open-air spectacles; allowing art to live in the spaces around us and become part of our every-day life. The French visual artist Mademoiselle Maurice creates what is arguably one of the most surprising and visually enticing of these spectacles. Pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve with paper, Maurice carefully places colourful origami pieces on streets, buildings and unexpected places all over the world; most recently in Singapore, Corsica, Sweden and Italy.



Evoking positivity and emotion and encouraging interaction between ourselves and our environment “Mademoiselle Maurice seeks to deepen the link between individuals who form the human network which we belong to and frequent every day.” You can read more about Mademoiselle Maurice’s Origami Street Art on ThisisColossal or on Womenstreetartists.

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In a short and charming film by Oliver Holms, The Foley Artist reveals a window into the extraordinary and unexpected lengths taken by a master sound designer on the creative journey to creating a finished score. A fitting tribute, the film picked up the Best Original Score and Best Production Design accolades at the Berlin Fashion Film Festival, 2015.


On Sunday the Dutch National Opera were named as “the best opera house” receiving the Opera Company of the Year award 2016.  As we congratulate them on their fantastic achievement we felt it was a rather appropriate time to share David Leventi’s beautiful large-scale photographs of opera houses.

Margravial Opera House BAYREUTH GERMANY 2008

Romanian Athenaeum BUCHAREST ROMANIA 2007

The son of two architects, Levanti’s project is in remembrance of his grandfather, Anton Gutman; a cantor trained after World War II by Helge Rosvaenge, a famous Danish operatic tenor who sang regularly with the State Operas in Berlin and Vienna. While Gutman was interned in a prisoner-of-war camp in the Soviet Union, he performed for prisoners and officers. Nearly a half-century later, Levanti grew up listening to him sing. The spaces included in this project depict the houses in which his grandfather never got the chance to perform.

Curtain Palais Garnier PARIS FRANCE 2009

Teatro di San Carlo NAPLES ITALY 2009

You can read more about David Leventi and his beautiful photographs of world famous opera houses on ThisisColossal

All images by David Leventi

Mariinsky Theater ST. PETERSBURG RUSSIA 2009


Hot on the trail for beautiful photographic images, Nina from our Amsterdam studio inspired us with Hiroharu Matsumoto’s striking depictions of the streets of Tokyo. These melancholy images explore the feeling of loneliness in one of the world’s greatest metropolises; creating striking compositions, with plays of light and shadow.




“While capturing his subjects in-between public spaces, he manages to create a quiet environment in the middle of the buzzing city.” Jessica Junbauer, Ignant




Check this link if you feel like seeing more of his stunning photography.

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Craft is a word which can be awarded all to readily today, but in Silje Ensby’s fascinating film A Thousand Hands Ago we see a true craftsman at work. Over the course of three days, Danish kayak builder Anders Thygessen builds and Aleutian iqyax as he reflects on the process of learning these skills form the master whom he never met. This, is craft.

For more of your ‘craft-fix’ explore The Makers Amsterdam. Established in 2013 by Margot van der Krogt, The Makers introduces some of Amsterdam’s aspiring and talented creative entrepreneurs and artisans.


Each week Jade curates a list of the best, most inspiring things to do in Amsterdam. Here are her top 3 things to do over the next week…

Saturday May 21st: Gin festival at NDSM

We LOVE Gin, so we might see each other at The Gin Festival Amsterdam , which will take place in Undercurrent at the NSDM terrain, overlooking the water. A special ferry will navigate between Amsterdam Central Station and the venue, free of charge for visitors of the festival. Included in the fee are a special tasting glass, a Gin Guide with all spirits present and the tasting of all spirits.

Saturday May 21st: Muzikantendag at Q Factory  This one is for the What We’re Listening To fans and musicians amongst us. Q Factory is a hotspot for bands and musicians looking for a place to rehearse, as well as a cool spot to relax and enjoy a drink and/or a snack in the Q-Café. On this day you can learn how to become a successful artist and spoil yourself with everything music related.


Saturday May 21st: Tour around the animal shelter (starts at 1PM) At Design Bridge we love animals, we even have our own Studio dogs as you may have spotted on our website. On Saturday the Animal Shelter Amsterdam (DOA) opens its doors for a tour around. The Animal Shelter Amsterdam is the largest and one of the oldest animal shelters in the Netherlands with an eventful history giving shelter and rehome homeless dogs and cats. Don’t we all need some attention?

by Brendan Conn


At the Bar with writer Abdelkader Benali


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