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Friday Favourites

Hand thrown pottery is an art that can be traced back centuries. Jon Almeda has taken this traditional craft to a whole new level, creating incredibly detailed, miniature ceramics:

Jon Almedia Pottery colour

Jon Almedia Pottery toothbrush

Jon Almedia Pottery teapot

Check out Almeda’s Instagram account for more pictures, plus some amazing short videos of him ‘throwing’ his diminutive work – our favourite is the one that appears to have been taken on a moving boat. (Found via Colossal)

This intricate work reminded us of Willard Wigan’s needle sculptures – the perfect excuse to marvel at some examples on his website.

Willard Wigan Nine Camels

Paper Crafting

Speaking of craft, the paper craft of Adriana Napolitano is on our Friday Favourites radar this week. We love the bold, kitsch feel of her work:

Adriana Napolitano egg

Adriana Napolitano lady

Adriana Napolitano chef

All images from Adriana’s Instagram.

Want more paper? Read our Friday Favourites Paper Special from a few weeks ago.

Typewriter Portraits

Sticking to the craft theme is the low-tech work of Rachel Mulder, who has constructed a series of portraits using just a sheet of paper, a manual typewriter, and a photograph of her subject to guide her.

She described the process of her ‘Unrevealed’ series for The Creators Project as; “Drawing with my typewriter forces me to slow down and to treat each mark as something precious and meaningful, a meditative yet self-flagellating exercise in compartmentalizing.”

This is ‘Dominic':

Rachel Mulder Dominic

‘Unrevealed’ is currently being exhibited at Rush Mor Records in Milwaukee, should you find yourself in the neighbourhood. Find out more here.

Get creative with your dinner

After reading Design Milk’s article, ‘Food Styling Inspires Creativity’, we were salivating over the deliciously creative depictions of food. Our favourite pick of the bunch was Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj, whose perfect compositions of recipe ingredients made us want to switch off our computer, tie up the apron strings, and cook up a Friday night feast.

Mikkel fruit

Mikkel seafood

See more of his work on Behance.

Happy Fourth of July!

Finally, in honour of American Independence Day this weekend, we thought we’d share these incredible photos we spotted on Colossal of a bald eagle (the national bird of the United States of America) playing taxi to a crow:

Phoo Chan Bald Eagle crow flying

Phoo Chan Bald Eagle crow landing

Phoo Chan Bald Eagle crow

As the national bird of the USA, the bald eagle appears on most official seals of the US government including the presidential flag, which is why you might recognise him.

See more of Phoo Chan’s avian photography on Flickr.

Happy July Fourth everyone!


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