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Friday Favourites

It’s that time of year again… no, not Christmas, time to announce Pantone’s colour of the year for 2017! And, according to Pantone, next year looks set to be a fresh and revitalised new beginning – welcome Greenery, Pantone 15-0343:


Find out more on the Pantone website. Found via It’s Nice That.

For bonus Pantone colour inspiration, take a look at Jonathan Tan’s ‘Singapore Pantone’ project, a re-imagining of different places in Singapore (our home in Asia) as Pantone colours.





Explosive photography

Our favourite photography find on Fubiz this week is ‘Explosion2.0′, a collaboration between photographer Ken Hermann and a pyrotechnics expert, capturing moments of explosions. The results are rather spectacular.





See more of Hermann’s work on his website.

A feast for the eyes

YWe like our food at DB (see our recent #DBSingaporeeats Instagram takeover by Pia in Singapore, for example), and this week Jason has a documentary film recommendation for all food lovers. “If you are into food culture, the joy of the ‘hidden treasure’, and enjoy a good documentary, I’d recommend checking out City of Gold – I watched it a few days ago, and it’s simultaneously interesting, appetising, and heart-warming.” The documentary follows LA’s infamous Pulitzer Prize-winning restaurant critic Jonathan Gold – here comes the trailer (just make sure you don’t watch it on an empty stomach!):

Find out more about the film here, we think it’s the perfect weekend watch.

The Lighthouse

While we’re talking about visual feasts, we also wanted to share The Lighthouse, a beautiful black and white stop-motion animation we came across this week. Created by self-taught filmmaker Simon Scheiber, this 11 minute film tells the story of a sleepy lighthouse keeper who discovers that he can design a world of his own with his own hands and a bottle of ink. The film took over 7 years to make and was shot using over 14,000 photos. A true labour of love. Watch it below:

Designing for good

And finally this week, a festive design story with an important message, shared by Alicia:

“For an estimated 13,000 people in the UK, Christmas Day is just another day trapped in the chains of modern slavery, far from home and their loved ones. Unseen is a charity dedicated to breaking those chains, helping to empower some of society’s most vulnerable people to become independent individuals. This Christmas, to raise awareness and money Unseen has created four paper chain decorations, each illustration inspired by a personal story of someone affected by slavery.”

Here’s a snap from Alicia’s desk of her set of paper chains:


Find out more about the project and donate some of your hard earned cash to get your own set of the paper chains here – all the proceeds go towards providing a better Christmas for those spending the season in an Unseen safe house.


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