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Friday Favourites

Welcome to Friday Favourites. This week we’ve been sent loads of suggestions from you lovely lot so we’ve got a great mix of exciting things to share with you. Grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy (and keep the suggestions coming, we love suggestions!).

First up, we’re in New York taking a peek into the last of the city’s legendary Diners. Photographer Riley Arthur has documented more than 135 of these sweet neighbourhood eateries on her Instagram, @dinersofnyc. They are full of lovely details like colourful patterned tiles, train-car style booths and old school neon lighting.

Sadly, Riley now finds herself “rushing to document as many as possible” as more and more of the diners close due to rising rent prices. So, if you’re in New York, make sure to check out one of these little pieces of American history. Perhaps it’s time for our New York Studio to go on the hunt for their new favourite local diner?

Found via PSFK.

Rubbish, a 6-course Singaporean Meal

To Singapore next (it’s only fair!), and this month’s edition of the Rubbish FAMzine (created by a mother, father, son and daughter team in Singapore) is designed to read like a 6-course Singaporean Meal. Packaged in a Chinese take-out box, complete with utensils and that plastic bag that you always seem to get with your takeaway, the zine is full of colourful illustrations and interviews with characters such as ‘Uncle Fu’, a street vendor.

Rubbish 1

Rubbish 2

Rubbish 3

The whole thing reads as “a love song to Singapore’s vast culinary delights”, and the printed zine is also testament to the incredible craftsmanship and attention to detail that the Lim family put into publishing their work. Find out more on AIGA Eye for Design.


More tasty treats, this time from Australian Design Agency Universal Favourite, who recently partnered with the Sydney institution Bakedown Cakery to treat their clients to a pretty sweet gift.

Complements 3


Complements 2

These modular chocolates were created with the help of a 3D printer, and are designed so that two can be fitted together to make one bite size treat in all sorts of flavour combinations – cookies & cream with strawberry or fairy floss with dark chocolate would be my choice, just in case you were wondering! Come to think of it, we have a 3D printer in our London studio. Perhaps it’s time to come up with some chocolate creations of our own…?

Read more on Creative Boom.

DO something

Thanks to Holly K, this week weve been educating ourselves via a neat series of books that will teach you how to DO just about anything. They have a great series on ‘Smart Working’, including ‘DO/ Disrupt’, ‘DO/ Breathe’ and ‘DO/ Fly’ which promise to teach you how to ‘change the status quo’, ‘calm your mind’ and ‘be your best self’. They also have a ‘Slow Living’ series, which includes ‘DO/ Sourdough’ (yes, I DO want to learn how to bake sourdough effortlessly) ‘DO/ Bee-Keeping’ (why not?) and ‘DO/ Preserve’ (might as well have some jam on all this sourdough bread I’m making…).


If you too would like to ‘get stuff done’, ‘achieve the impossible’ and ‘make your own jams, chutneys and pickles’, head over to the DO Book Co. here.

The Great British Jam Awards from Tate & Lyle

All that jam making may come in very handy as our lovely clients over at Tate & Lyle have announced their 2017 Great British Jam Awards! There are three categories to enter: ‘Traditional Jam with a twist’, ‘Best Jam Bake’ and ‘Jam on the Rocks (Jam cocktail)’, and you can find all the details on Facebook.


Tate & Lyle’s Jam sugar (which we designed along with the rest of the range in 2015) is the star of the show, and we can’t wait to see what everyone creates. In fact, after the success of our Bake Off competition, we quite fancy our chances… watch this space!


At the Bar with Hans Brouwer of MassiveMusic


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