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Friday Favourites

In this week’s Friday Favourites we have a lovely selection of inspiring short films to share with you. But first, a little bit of illustration…

If you’re a bit like us then you’ll also enjoy taking a peek at people’s sketchbooks – catch a glimpse into how someone’s creative mind works, discover talents you never knew people had. Artist Elena Limkina’s sketchbook is no exception, and Colossal describes the pages as full of “detailed Baroque-inspired drawings of architectural elements, anatomical studies, and flowing calligraphy”.



You can see more of Elena’s sketchbook on Colossal, and take a look at her watercolour work on her website:

601 Miles

And now for those films. We’ll begin with DB London’s Charlie H, who has made an amazing film from his recent trip to Iceland. With much of the footage shot on drone, we think you’ll agree that it’s pretty breathtaking:

Lovely work, Charlie.

We Are All One

Shared by Brendan and made by Swiss running shoe brand On, “We Are All One” tells the stories of 10 athletes who were part of the the refugee team at the Rio Summer Olympics 2016. In Brendan’s words, “These people have nothing, yet they give everything. Truly inspirational athletes, humans.” We couldn’t agree more.


You can watch the film at Nowness.

Half a Million

For something completely different, take a look at the latest music video from The Shins, which was made using 5,566 stickers and animated by sticking them down on top of each other at over 40 different locations. Quite the feat.

We found it on Juxtapox Magazine.

A moment to reflect

To end this week, a short poem for our FF readers to reflect upon, penned by our very own Brendan:

A cinematic daze.
Stars, spot lights, head lights.
Hands held, loved.
“It’s hard to stay mad, when there’s so much beauty in the world.”


Shades and Stripes – it’s the Design Bridge New York Summer Away Day!


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