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Fortnum & Mason Florentines

Our bold, vibrant packaging for Fortnum’s new range of Florentines features patterns, shapes and geometric forms inspired by the biscuits' Italian roots.

KFC Christmas

Made up of a series of gritty, modern hand-drawn illustrations, our Christmas tree poster and wreath help turn KFC's UK stores into authentic, vibrant, social hangouts during the festive season.

Facebook Awards

Inspired by the range of emotions a successful campaign can stir in people, our trophy has been designed to celebrate the very best creative campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

Cadbury Heroes & Help for Heroes

Inspired by the celebratory regalia of a traditional homecoming parade and decorative, hand-painted military drums, we designed a limited edition tin for Cadbury Heroes to mark the 10th birthday of Help for Heroes.

Smirnoff Soda

Our purist design reflects the exotic, unexpected flavour combinations and natural refreshment of Smirnoff’s new lower calorie pre-mixed Soda range.

Comfort Luxury Nature

Standing out in the pastel-coloured world of fabric conditioners, our elegant design for Indonesia borrows from luxury perfume codes to deliver an intensity of fragrance on pack, whilst the innovative promotional limited edition perfume became a Sephora best-seller.

Nationaal Archief

This is “Their past. Our present” - a campaign of two halves, designed to promote to the opening of a new major exhibition at The National Archives of the Netherlands, or ‘Nationaal Archief’ to locals.