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What we’re listening to this week #73 The New Zealand Edition

Another week, another WWLTTW playlist – and another special guest! This week Ashleigh Lambert, a Senior Designer in our London Studio, has taken the playlist reins to bring you something from the other side of the world…

Ashleigh Lambert


I love music. And for my WWLTTW playlist this week, I decided that it would be cool to do a “Made in NZ” playlist (plus it was Waitangi Day on Monday so it’s perfect timing)! I asked all of the other Kiwis here in the London Studio what their two favourite NZ songs are – any genre, any decade, no judging. If you love it, then choose it!

It didn’t take long for everyone (even those out of the office that day) to get back to me with their top songs from back home. The tricky part for all of us was just picking two!

But we did it, and here are the chosen tunes – see if you can guess who chose what!

Side note: some of these videos are quite low quality and have poor sound because they’re so old! There’s also a Spotify playlist you can subscribe to at the end. Enjoy…

Patea Maori Club – Poi E

Split Enz – Stuff and Nonsense

Flight of the Concords – Business Time

The Mint Chicks – Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!

TrinityRoots – Little Things

OMC – How Bizarre

Connan Mockasin – I’m The Man, That Will Find You

Goodshirt – Sophie

Janine – Hold me

Steriogram – Roadtrip

OdESSA – Is That You Calling?

Shihad – Home Again

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