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Mission Impossible: It’s the annual Design Bridge Singapore Away Day!

You’ve probably read all about our recent London, Amsterdam and New York teams’ summer away days, and now it’s time to head to Asia and find out what DB Singapore got up to. Here’s Jackie Chen, a Client Manager, to tell you all about it…

On the last Friday in July the Singapore team assembled for our very own Mission Impossible.

Location: Sentosa Island.
Mission: Impossible!

Arranged in colour-coded teams after movie genres (red for Horror, green for SciFi, and so on) – it was time for a bit of competitive team bonding to bring out the true nature of our colleagues! The Green Team excelled at movie-themed charades, impressively guessing 9 movies in 2 minutes. And who knew that a simple game of giant tic-tac-toe could help develop one’s strategic thinking?!



2.5 hours into the scorching sun and competitive games, we broke away for lunch before assigning teams to take an award-winning team photo while enjoying the rides in Universal Studios.


We retired to the Sand Bar in the late afternoon, wound down to the cooling breeze and dips in the sea. It was a lovely and with a delicious buffet spread and an orange sunset, our MD, Jo Tay gave a light-hearted speech and the party started long into the night…


Congratulations to Team Action (aka the Yellow team), the overall winners, who received a treasure chest of treats, gold chocolate coins and crowns for their prize!





Special thanks to the Jian An for the photos, and the committee for organising such a brilliant day. We are still recovering from the sunburn!


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