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Packaging design in the goldfish era

Between 13-14 September, London’s Olympia will host Packaging Innovations London, an event dedicated to the wonderful world of branded and inspirational packaging design.

And if you’re heading there on Thursday 14th then you’ll find Asa Cook , a Creative Director in our London Studio, holding a seminar as part of The Pentawards Conference. Here’s Asa to tell you a bit more about his talk, “Packaging design in the goldfish era”

Asa Cook blog
According to research, people are now so overwhelmed with information that we now officially have attention spans shorter than that of a goldfish.

So, how does this affect the creative industry? What do we need to do to cut through in the new world of multimedia channels? How do we need to change?

We need to be bolder. We need to provoke more. Because it’s not just us (the packaging and brand design agencies of the world) who are doing it. Boundaries between design disciplines have become blurred. Advertising agencies design packaging. Packaging can become the only form of advertising that a brand really needs.

We see parallels to the mid-century when separate design disciplines did not exist – it was all ‘commercial art’. Great designers such as Paul Rand and Raymond Loewry were born of this era and we need to act this way again now. We need the ability to create ideas that can exist beyond just one media. We need to recruit thinkers, not just skilled technicians.

Great design agencies understand this and great design is being created because of it.

You can find out more about Packaging Innovations London and The Pentawards Conference, and register to attend, here.

Lead photo by Trevor Cleveland from Unsplash.


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