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Bundaberg Rum

The bear is back and prouder than ever.

Named after its hometown in Queensland, Bundaberg Rum – Bundy to its friends – is one of the most loved spirits brand in Australia. After years of brand fragmentation and multiple identities it was time to restore pride in this famous and much-loved Australian rum.

A lot of care and craft goes into producing Bundaberg Rum. It’s a very, very good rum with an honest, local story stretching back to 1888 when the distillery and brand were first established. So off we went to the town of Bundaberg to experience the famous Distillery in person, and meet the team behind it. We were immediately struck by the unique blood-red volcanic terroir, the miles of sugarcane, and the rudimentary industrial beauty of the area.

In reality, we knew that if we could transport consumers to the raw, substantial honesty of the distillery every time they picked up a bottle of Bundy, their perceptions would change. Drawing directly from the aesthetic of the distillery and surrounding area, our creative idea was born. But this was just part of the story, we also had a bigger creature to deal with.

The Bundy Bear is part of Aussie folklore, famously brought to life through a series of comic ad campaigns in the 80s & 90s. “Why a polar bear in Australia?” you ask. Well, there is nothing like rum for keeping away the chills! As the power of the bear and rosette were gradually being eroded, we felt that it was important to bring substance and passion back into the identity.

Working with Walker’s Metal Foundry in Bundaberg (local suppliers to the sugar industry, the lifeblood of the town) we cast our new identity in iron before collaborating with a local sign painter to hand-paint our 140kg iron Bundy Bear. The glorious imperfections of the process have been preserved as a mark of true authenticity – all of which you can see in our short film, created with the help of a local production team and capped off with a soundtrack created especially for us by an Australian composer. We feel that the sound really captures the soul of rural Australia and the raw industrial feeling of the distillery.

With over 100 SKUs to apply the new identity to, we weren’t quite finished there and set about re-crafting the other elements of the packaging such as redrawing the wordmark, introducing a new yellow cap, and adding tales from the brand’s extraordinary past onto the back labels. Every time you pick up a bottle of Bundy you’ll discover a different story.

Honest, true, proud – Bundaberg has come out of the shadows and into the light.