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Cacao Barry

From the world’s first chocolate connoisseur…

We’re no stranger to chocolate at Design Bridge, but our Cacao Barry story is a little different. This time we’re stepping out of the retail store and into the professional kitchen…

Cacao Barry expertly produces the finest-grade chocolate and cocoa products for the restaurant and confectionery industries. It’s a brand you’ll find in some of the world’s most famous restaurants, patisseries and chocolatiers’ kitchens. To better preserve the flavour and quality of these products, Cacao Barry decided to upgrade its cardboard packaging to airtight foil bags. Our challenge was to create a design for the packaging that met the needs of the professional audience, but also celebrated the quality and flavours of the product inside.

The story starts in 1842 with the brand’s founder – and world’s first chocolate connoisseur – Charles Barry. Having travelled all around Africa and Latin America in search of the finest cocoa, Charles learnt about the plantations, processes and individual flavour complexities of each cocoa bean.

Inspired by this pioneering spirit, we set about organising and charting the flavour profiles of each product in the Cacao Barry range into our own chocolate periodic table.

Dividing the elements into categories – Flora, Fruit, Botanicals & Vegetals – we got to work creating beautiful, distinctive imagery to visually represent each flavour, aroma and experience. We delved into the archives of the Peter H. Raven Library at the Missouri Botanical Garden for inspiration, and collaborated with a fine art x-ray photographer and watercolour artist to create the final set of illustrations.

Layering elements from our table together, we were able to communicate the huge variety of flavour combinations and taste profiles of the Cacao Barry products, no matter how complex. Combining the illustrations with extra details – such as geographical locations, plantation owners’ names, and processes – our design system ensures just the right balance of information, inviting high-end chefs to taste, experiment and create.

A premium design solution for a premium product, the new Cacao Barry packaging truly celebrates the diversity of flavour and the origin of the product it holds, fuelling the imagination of today’s chocolate connoisseur.