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Choose colour.
Open Lid.
Change Life.

Whether in the favelas of Sao Paulo, the beach huts in Koh Pang Yang or the garden flats of Islington, painting does something almost spiritual. Through developing a single visual idea we created unity, coherence and a shared ideology for the world’s largest paint brand.

Painting your home is not something born out of function. It is emotional. And interestingly it is the same in all four corners of the globe (aside from some important nuances we discovered on our travels). It provides a clean environment for your new child, allows you to express who you are and even unites you with another. It is about both individualism and togetherness, and most importantly ownership.

Design Bridge partnered Dulux on the journey from ICI Dulux the paint company to Dulux the colour brand. In a single visual idea we expressed the emotional side of paint, the idea of it being an extension of your personality.

It implicitly allays the fears associated with painting, expressing a sense of the new, of freedom of expression, of a brighter future… It makes everyone feel part of it.

In addition to allowing Dulux to connect with customers, our unifying idea became a rallying cry to 40 marketing departments, operating across 50 countries. What better example of the power of the idea?

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Dulux Global identity logos
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