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Year of the Dog: Celebrating Chinese New Year at Design Bridge Singapore

There are quite a number of traditions here in the Singapore Studio, but one of our favourites is the annual Chinese New Year (CNY) celebration. Here’s Benny Ou, our Junior Designer, who is going to share more about how we marked the Year of the Dog…


This year, we kick-started our CNY celebrations with the annual Lion Dance performance, and this year the “lions” were dressed in yellow.


The loud and lively Lion Dance is a fixture during CNY and can be found in other Asian countries as well, where performers (in pairs) mimic the lion’s movements whilst dressed in a lion costume. The lion dance is usually performed during traditional, cultural and religious festivals for good luck as the lion is believed to be an auspicious animal. It is believed that having a lion grace your premises will bring you luck for the rest of the year. The lion dance troupe danced around our studio, spreading prosperity and bringing good luck all over (especially in the server room!), warding off any bad fortune and evil spirits.

One of the highlights of the performance is the ‘Cai Qing’ which means ‘Picking The Greens’. The greens is a symbolic item that represents good luck and abundance, and they were hung at the entrance of our building for the “lions” to dance around before jumping to grab them down. The lions then proceeded to ‘spit out’ the greens at our fellow DBers to further spread luck and blessings for the new year.

For the last part of the performance the “ lions” mimicked the act of eating mandarin oranges, while arranging the orange slices into a Chinese greeting and providing 4 auspicious numbers. Usually, people will place a bet in the lottery using the 4 numbers – can you guess what our 4 lucky numbers are?


After the lion dance performance, we moved on to our annual CNY Dinner, hosted at Red House Seafood. The theme for this year: Scarlet!


To tie in with the Year of the Dog, each team of 10 (by table arrangement) was given a box of materials and tasked to create their own ‘Dog Head’. Then 2 people from each team had to perform a short dance, wearing their own creations, of course!

Aaron put his sketching skills into good use…

Charles and Jerome trying to attempt the ‘Cai Qing’…


Here’s a look at the final Dog Head created by all the different teams…


Congratulations to the winners – Jian’an and Hieu!


A snapshot of the winning Dog’s Head!


In true DB Singapore spirit, we congratulated the winners with a toast of the infamous Bai Jiu, which contains 52% alcohol content, and proceeded to dance and drink the night away…

Gong Xi Fa Cai!


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Supporting SOSD – Gong Xi Fa Cai from all of us at Design Bridge Singapore