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2017 juniors, welcome to the Design Bridge team

This year in the London Studio we’ve welcomed 9 new juniors to the team. We’ve already had them presenting at one of our Friday Mingles over a few drinks and snacks, and now it’s time to give a very warm DB welcome to Alex, Claudia, Courtney, Craig, Efe, Hamish, Isobel, Jake and Nik here on our blog.

We asked our new team mates to share how they’ve found their first few weeks (or in a few cases, months) working at Design Bridge and, in a cunning twist, we also asked them to tell us a little something they’ve learnt about one of their fellow juniors. Ready to meet them?


Client Executive, graduated from the University of Bath:
For me, joining straight after graduation made the jump from uni life to work life much smoother than anticipated. The first couple of weeks helped me ease into the role and now there’s only one way to describe it – non–stop! I’m loving every minute, and the fact that everyone is so friendly and accommodating makes it that much easier to ask questions and learn.

Craig on Alex: “It’s been so good joining with fellow juniors. Even though we’re all in different teams, it’s great to have people in the same boat as you as it really helps with the nerves! What I’ve learnt about Alex, though, is that his talents in packaging go way back… he’s actually a sought-after model in a very niche market, once pulling off a striking pose on a space hopper that appeared on a pack of children’s multi-vitamins! It’s amazing!”

Look what we found…



Graduate Trainee in the Client Servicing team, graduated from Loughborough University:
I would describe my first few weeks at DB in three words:

  1. Exciting, because of the amount of projects that I have been involved in so far
  2. Unique, because every person I have met is different and has something special in them
  3. Work hard Play hard (OK, that’s more than 3), because even if a lot of work gets done, there has not been one day where I have not had a laugh and a good time with the team!

Nik on Claudia: “Something I learnt about Claudia is that she is a roller figure skater from Barcelona, and she can also speak 4 languages (I think).


Junior Designer (Bursary scheme), graduated from Northumbria University:
Time has flown by! To be working on global brands alongside really talented people with such a fun and outgoing studio culture (and, of course, the studio dogs) it just doesn’t feel like I’m at work at all. But mostly it’s been full of really interesting inductions, welcome lunches and plenty of pints at The Kings.

Hamish on Courtney: “Courtney has the broadest accent in all of Design Bridge. She is a perfect balance of hard worker and party animal. I look forward to the Halloween party as she apparently takes fancy dress VERY seriously.”


Junior Designer (Bursary scheme), graduated from Norwich University of the Arts:
My first few weeks have been incredible (I’ve been buzzing to come back since my placement here!). It’s genuinely like one big family and I don’t think I’ve ever set foot in a more welcoming and friendly place! It’s great to be able to come in every day and feel at home, surrounded by inspiring and creative work and people that help you settle in so quickly.

Claudia on Craig: “Apart from the fact that he is a great Designer and played in the same football team as Ed Sheeran (well, not at the same time), I have also learnt that he is the best person to get advice from on what TV series to watch.”


Graduate Trainee in the Strategy team, graduated from UCL:
It’s been a whirlwind of friendly faces, swanky places and fascinating brands. A lot of creative agencies boast about how great their ‘culture’ is; but here at DB there’s an almost tangible philosophy that everyone at all levels of the company shares.

As a (burgeoning) member of our brilliant Strategy team, I’ve felt this culture of openness and commitment to great work first-hand, something which has proved a real source of personal inspiration thus far.

Alex on Efe: “Efe and I haven’t had too much of a chance to work together so far – but from what I’ve heard (and seen) he’s a bit of a whiz-kid when it comes to Japanese culture, which is awesome! It’s actually made me download Duolingo for Japanese. It’s just as difficult as you might think…”



Junior Designer. We spotted Hamish’s work at the Edinburgh Napier graduate show at D&AD New Blood and invited him in for a chat. The rest, as they say, is history…
People are so friendly here at DB. I feel like I’ve got to know lots of people surprisingly quickly and everyone has made me feel so welcome. It’s like a big family here. I have had the opportunity to work on a great variety of brands and projects already and look forward to all the exciting work that I will get to work on in the future. I love the emphasis here on collaboration and making the most of people’s skills.

Jake on Hamish: “Hamish can break an apple in half with his bare hands…”


Graduate Trainee in the Client Servicing team, graduated from the University of York:
My first few week here have been a whirlwind! I feel like I have met so many people and learnt so much already, I keep having to remind myself that it’s only been one month!

Courtney on Isobel: “Isobel studied Psychology at York University and taught us that it takes 4 seconds for a silence to become awkward. She also taught an English class in China for a while, which I think is pretty fascinating!”

Here’s Isobel with her class:



Studio Junior. Jake initially came to us through the D&AD New Blood Shift programme, and officially joined the team earlier this year:
The last few months have gone so fast. Since March I’ve got to work on a load of things for well known brands that I see and use all the time and, with the support of everyone here, I feel like I’ve grown a lot. I’ve gone from not having any experience in a studio to feeling like I fit right in.

Isobel on Jake: “Some things that I have learnt about Jake… 1) he can draw the most beautiful sketches at the drop of a hat and 2) he is rather generous with drinks – he bought me a G&T last Friday!”


Junior Designer, graduated from Norwich University of the Arts. Just like Hamish, we found Nik at D&AD New Blood:
My first few weeks have been a blast! Great studio environment, plenty of fun and creative people to mingle with, and amazing brands to work on. I’ve only been here a short while but I’m learning a lot. Even though there’s lots of people, everyone works closely with one another and gets along really well.

Efe on Nik: “Nik has fine taste when it comes to the Silver Screen. We recently chatted at length about Sci-Fi, Kubrick’s best film (obviously 2001), and why people immediately assume Wes Anderson is every designer’s favourite filmmaker.”


We’re sure you’ll be hearing more from Alex, Claudia, Courtney, Craig, Efe, Hamish, Isobel, Jake and Nik at some point in the future. In the meantime, if you’d like to join the team, check our Careers page for the latest opportunities in London as well as our Studios in Amsterdam, New York and Singapore.


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