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Bonding over food at Design Bridge Singapore

Dry January? Not at DB Singapore! To help the team ease into 2017, the first floor (Client Servicing, Strategy, Finance, HR and Support) plus special guest Oli Stokes – Strategy and Innovation Partner, visiting from our London Studio – were all invited for an evening of fine wine, fine food, and a spot of competitive cookery…


Organised by Michelle, the first floor were whisked off to Coriander Leaf at Chijmes. Here they were split into teams and tasked with creating a delicious Thai feast from scratch.


As Michelle said, “We don’t always get to mingle with other teams, and cooking is a great activity which everyone can join in and learn something new – either about themselves or their colleagues.”



Who knew that Oli is secretly skilled at pineapple sculpture?!


Prizes were awarded at the end of the night. So, without further ado, let us introduce you to the winners…

Sexiest Chef: Michelle Connolly

Top Chef: Emily Hudson

Serial Killer Chef: Veronica Phoa – be afraid, be very afraid!


Overall Winning Team: Team 2 (Emily, Brenda, JT, Mafalda, Oli, Celeste)


A great night was had by all, and we’re hoping that the team’s new-found cookery skills will be shared with the rest of the Studio soon!


Don’t forget – we’re looking for talented, lovely people to join the team, so check our Careers page for the latest opportunities in our Singapore Studio.

by Anna Stanford

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