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Which brand would you love to redesign? Part 1

Every designer has their favourite brands; the clients they dream about working on because they admire them, or because they believe that they haves untapped potential (‘Could Do Better’).

There’s a broad spectrum of backgrounds and passions across our Studios, and we were curious to get some regional thoughts on brand identities that could use a bit of TLC. The responses, and the rationales, were diverse – from national retailers, to cosmetics companies, to schools. In every case, all of the examples are for brands that we have a soft spot for, but whose identities we don’t feel quite match up to their offer. Read on for the first few examples (more coming in the following weeks)…


Chosen by Christian Lank, Junior Designer, Amsterdam
Morsø Jernstøberi, or simply Morsø, was originally a 160 year-old iron foundry started in my hometown of Nykøbing Mors in Denmark. Morsø now designs and makes wood burning stoves and kitchenware for the international market, and has a beautiful portfolio that blends contemporary with traditional, classic Danish design.

That is precisely why I find it quite unfortunate that the brand’s visual identity reflects almost none of these characteristics. With a fairly bland logo being probably its only somewhat distinctive asset, I feel that Morsø’s branding does not reflect its personality, nor the incredible craftsmanship of the products.


I would love to rethink the visual identity in a way that would allow the brand to honour its strong heritage and craft, and I’m sure that this could really reignite the fire (pun intended) of Morsø.


Chosen by Lisa Franck, Junior Brand Strategist, New York present an innovative approach to car buying. After learning how much people dislike the car-buying experience, the team turned to their data to figure out how to change perceptions and fix this. They realized that the biggest pain point for people in the market to buy a car came right at the beginning of the process, and most shoppers didn’t even know where to start. So they tackled this head on. Now you can take a quiz on to match you with your dream car. It’s just like a dating app. It makes things much simpler, even fun.


However, for me, their branding is lacking. It’s not distinctive at all, and I’d like to help create an ownable visual identity that better communicates the brand’s innovative personality.


Bengawan Solo

Chosen by Keyon Guo, Presentation Executive, Singapore
Established in 1979, Bengawan Solo is a well-loved brand in Singapore. Known for its delicate, bright green pandan chiffon cakes, along with other local delights like kueh and mooncakes, the bakeries are popular places for both locals and visitors to buy treats to share with friends and loved ones.

But, despite its reputation, Begawan Solo’s branding and design feels stagnant.


With such a local legacy, and the potential to become more relevant to today’s consumers, I would love to have a go at redesigning this brand – everything from packaging to the in-store experience.

Got a brand that you would love to redesign? Let us know! More from the team next week…

All brand-related images are screenshots of the brands’ websites or social media. Lead photo by Kelly Sikkema from Unsplash.

by Benjamin Farrell

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