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Branding a cause: The D&AD New Blood Academy x Design Bridge winners

A collaboration between D&AD and WPP in London, D&AD New Blood Academy is a 4-week creative bootcamp open to all of the Graduates that win a coveted Pencil at the D&AD New Blood Awards. This is an incredible opportunity for young creatives to immerse themselves in all aspects of the industry, learn from some of the best creatives around, and take advantage of mentoring and networking opportunities to help them kickstart their careers.

As part of the programme this year the group were split into teams and tasked with tackling 2 live briefs, the results of which would be judged by a panel of industry experts. At the end of week 3 we welcomed the group to our London Studio to receive their second brief, which was set by Chloé Templeman, a Creative Director in our London Studio: Design a brand identity for a charitable cause or non-profit movement that means something to you.


With our very own Lyndon, Tash, Will, Efe, Sam E, Alice DD and Faye all on hand alongside mentors from the other WPP agencies involved, the teams had to come up with a cause based on one of our 8 topics. And, of course, there was an extra twist. We wanted to see bold, original ideas executed in a way that spoke for themselves, so when it came to pitch day – the last day of the bootcamp – for our brief the teams would not be delivering a presentation to the judges. Each team would have a computer to showcase their response to the brief, and whatever they did it had to wow the judges on a screen without them talking it through. A true test of their skills.


Fast forward a week and we were over at D&AD HQ to help judge the pitches for the first brief, set by Dyson, and then take a look at how the teams had tackled our brief.



On the judging panel this year, Chloé also has the honour of announcing the winner of our brief.


And so, without further ado, we’d like to say a huge “congratulations” to our winners, Team Landor – Alba Skottowe, Estelle Carrington, Hannah Kelly, Ignacio Gonzalez and Marc Morales Faura – for their brilliant ‘Chicken Run’ idea. As you can see, they were pretty excited…


Below are 2 documents that show their resposnes to the brief – click to open the PDFs (in a new window):


Click the image above to open a PDF showing the background research and full manifesto.


Click the image above to open a PDF showcasing the branding, visual identity system and executions.

Chloé shared why Chicken Run was chosen as the winner by the judging panel:

“Team Landor picked ‘Malnutrition and Obesity’ as their topic and they could have gone so many ways with it. What impressed us was that they had really done their research and picked up on a particular problem and a specific audience to tackle, and they didn’t shy away from the cultural insight and significance around chicken shops. All of the teams approached their brief in an uplifting, positive way rather than focusing on the problem (like so many charities do), and the idea behind Chicken Run was really fun and made everyone smile – it felt current and cool, and the gamification idea was really relevant for the target audience. On top of that, the branding was really strong. I particularly love the duality of the chicken comb visual and running track used in the logo, and the visual identity runs across every touchpoint really well, plus the video and manifesto articulated the problem and the team’s solution excellently. But what really made Chicken Run the clear winner amongst the judges was that we all felt that it was a project that we could pick up tomorrow and literally run with, and something that we could all see going viral and actually making a real difference. Well done Team Landor!”

We asked Team Landor to tell us a bit more about how they approached the brief, and how they worked together to come up with their idea and execute it. Here’s what they had to say:

“This brief was really fun to work on because we got so much creative freedom, and we loved the fact that we were creating a charity from scratch.” – Estelle

“When it came to creating ideas we all had a part in it, so it very much felt like a group effort from the beginning. We got to a level where we felt very comfortable bouncing ideas off each other (no matter how crazy) with zero judgement and offering honest feedback.” – Alba

“We chose obesity and malnutrition because it stood out to us as a cause that hadn’t had many great charities or campaigns. We wanted to tackle this issue in an empathetic way, not by telling kids they shouldn’t eat fast food. By researching the motivations of the kids, we were able to come up with a solution that wouldn’t alienate them.” – Estelle

“Quite quickly we decided to focus on obesity in younger people in London, and almost immediately we started chatting about the proliferation of chicken shops. After we did a bit of digging we found some pretty insane statistics (all schools in Newham are less than 500m from a chicken shop, for example). ‘Chicken Run’ was born!” – Hannah

“Our aim was to inspire young people to live more healthily, rather than lay out the terms of a healthy lifestyle and expect them to abide. After finding the insight, it was a matter of coming up with an effective solution and then creating the brand aesthetic, then designing all the assets. The idea behind ‘Chicken Run’ is all about encouraging young people to be more active without condemning or shaming the causes of obesity.” – Alba

“The team was a dream. We all worked together really well, but were happy to let people go off and do their thing. Plus we had loads of great support from our mentors at Landor.” – Hannah

“We were able to find a cause that we had so much passion for, and I think this was a major reason for our success.” – Estelle


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