Working at DB is more than just a job – it could be your career. 

For us, building teams is all about finding amazing people who love what they do, and then enabling them to do just that. But at DB, we don’t believe in standing still. Here, working alongside the best in the industry offers new challenges every day and more opportunities for learning and development. It’s probably why so many people have built their careers with us – many for 10, 15 – even 25 years.

Our commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Design Bridge, our diversity, equity and inclusion policy is not a compliance necessity, it is part of our brand strategy. If we are to be a valuable creative partner for the world’s famous consumer brands, we must truly reflect the world we live in both in terms of the people who make up Design Bridge, and in all the work we do for our clients out in the world. 

We believe an inclusive and diverse company which truly values the experiences and knowledge each of us has to offer will yield richer more successful work to emotionally engage all audiences. 

We insist on equal opportunities for people of colour, people of all physical abilities, of all gender identities, for all sexual identities and all economic backgrounds. What we all share in common is what matters: a passion for strategic brand creativity and sharing our values of collaboration and commitment to excellence in all that we do. 

We are not yet able to say that in our make-up we truly reflect the communities around our studios, but we will continue to strive for this until we can truly say that we are Brand Creatives for better outcomes in this respect too. 

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Meet the Team

Interested in joining us? Why not take a look around each of our studios, meet the teams – and see what makes us tick.