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Cascabel Studio Landing Project – creative inspiration from Argentina & London

Supported by the British Council and organised by Cascabel Studio (a multidisciplinary creative studio founded in Buenos Aires and based in London), Landing Project is a programme that supports creative entrepreneurs from Argentina by providing workshops, business planning support and, of course, creative inspiration.

As part of the programme, this year’s participants – from set designers to sound artists, graphic designers to people working in the fashion industry – spent a week in London, meeting different people from creative businesses all over the city.

Having previously been involved in creative events run by the British Council, and with a personal link to Argentina, DB’s Vicky Evans hosted this year’s Landing Project group at Design Bridge. Some of the creatives who came along shared their experiences, what they learnt, and what they’re taking home with them…


Estefania Panizza, Graphic Designer, @estefipanizza
I was in charge of producing and organising Landing Project, a cultural programme with the intention of bringing Argentine designers and entrepreneurs to London to exchange, collaborate and meet with local talent. It was a great pleasure for me, as a Graphic Designer, to learn about Design Bridge and how the agency works with big brands and international clients. Vicky showcased a series of bold, simple and amazingly original work, which was very inspiring.

Micaela Tettamanti, Designer, @micatettamanti
Throughout the week we were immersed in the inner world of London’s creative hubs: we discovered artists, ways of working, spaces, neighbourhoods and also met people whose stories and experiences opened our minds to new ideas. The importance of “storytelling”, the concept of “brand identity”, and the capacity to combine and mix what looks unconnected was what surprised me the most. For example, advertising agency Mother built a giant sculpture to create awareness about breast feeding (#freethefeed), Design Bridge published a book for its 25th anniversary where personal stories where the main characters, The National Theatre combined theatre with VR experiences, and artisan letterpress studio New North Press recently collaborated with a physician. Vicky’s talk was titled “Truth AND Dare” and I loved the fact that it is not OR, it is AND. It has inspired me to see the “reality” and dare to transform it in my own work.

Iliana Diaz, Sound Artist, @ilianadiazlopez
The tour helped me to better understand what London has to offer creatives and entrepreneurs from other countries, and also the value that art has in UK culture. Being part of Landing Project has offered me a unique opportunity with a scholarship and continued advice and guidance, and during our time in London I was able discover many different artistic directions, and I’ve met and connected with lots of people.

Jimena Martino, Fashion Designer, @jimenamartino
I’m a fashion designer and, after this week in London, I feel full of inspiration for my personal branding project.  I feel quipped with new tools and have ideas for new ways to start designing, developing ideas, and working professionally with other designers in all fields – typographic, digital, clothing, literary and marketing. Vicky inspired us with different ways to represent your identity as a company, such as the importance of how to use colours and to find a way of capturing the attention of your audience.

You can see what else the group got up during their week in London in the short film below:

And so, our final piece of advice: Creative inspiration is everywhere, so get away from your desk, take every opportunity you can to travel, meet new people and experience new things. You never know where it might lead…

by Anna Stanford

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