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Celebrating Halloween 2017, DB style

It’s become a bit of a tradition to celebrate Halloween here at Design Bridge, with each of our Studios marking All Hallow’s Eve in their own unique way. Want to see what we got up to this year? Here we go…

Costumes, Quizzing & Scary Movies

It’s not Halloween without dress-up, and throughout the day our Singapore Studio became increasingly full of zombies, killers and a whole host of other terrifying creatures.





Our MD Jo Tay was given the ghoulish task of choosing the winner for ‘best costume’, eventually deciding on a tie between Natalie, for her Dia de Los Muertos (Mexican ‘Day of the Dead’) costume, and Mafalda’s creative ‘Cereal Killer’.



The competitive spirit continued with a pumpkin carving contest, eventually won by Johnny Shirley for his ‘crying’ pumpkin! Johnny’s special pumpkin prize was made by Meng Lee and Benny from the Brand Experience team, and he will have the honour of selecting the winner next year.



Next it was on to our horror movie quiz (the prize? A pumpkin filled with chocolate, of course!) before settling down to watch some Halloween classics – Friday the 13th and Gremlins. Remember: NEVER feed them after midnight.

Haunted High Tea

Instead of our traditional Wednesday afternoon tea we held a very special Haunted Halloween High Tea in the Amsterdam Studio. Alongside the amazingly decorated red velvet cake, we were “treated” to a truly horrific alcoholic drink, which looked scarily like brains soaked in blood.



The team were given a dress code of “black” for the day, and we set up a mask station where each person could decorate a simple white mask however they wanted to. It was amazing to see the creativity and diversity!


After tea and group pictures, we ate a final slice of cake, took one last sip of the bloody brains, and then returned to our desks as if nothing had happened…


Design Bridge High Prom

Over in London it was time to for a party, and our juniors were tasked with organising and decorating the space. After a themed breakfast in the Studio, the basement was expertly transformed into All-American High School with a creepy twist – the floors were lined with tape to become a school basketball court, eerie prom decorations hung from the ceiling, and Halloween tunes echoed throughout the corridors.


In attendance to this spooky 1980s school disco were a collection of creepy costumed characters: from zombified sports teachers to ghoulish cheerleaders, ghostly Janitors (complete with mop bucket and spray) and demonic school kids. Every costume captured the 1980s haunted high school theme perfectly, making for a spooktacular evening!






Pumpkin Carving

Over in New York we kept things traditional with a bit of team bonding over pumkpkins, decorating the Studio with our own hand-carved creations.




Of course many of us also made sure to check out the incredible annual NYC Village Halloween Parade, complete with an amazing performance of ‘Thriller’ right there on the street. They really do Halloween well in NYC…

Special thanks to JT, Petra, Isobel and Tatiana for sharing the stories and photos from each Studio, and to everyone involved in our Halloween celebrations around the world. How are we going to top it next year?!


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