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Claire Parker reviews new identity for Luxor Theatre Rotterdam

Claire Parker, Executive Creative Director of our Amsterdam Studio, is part of the ‘Corporate Design Panel’ of Marketing Tribune magazine, so every month she critiques a new corporate design.

This time round, Claire had to judge the new corporate identity of Luxor Theatre alongside Tom Dorresteijn from Studio Dumbar and Stefan Pangratz from VBAT.

This article was originally published on the Dutch language Marketing Tribune website, but we have translated it for you here:


Claire Parker, Executive Creative Director Design Bridge Amsterdam: “A bold, smart, confident evolution. Taking what was distinctive and memorable about the old identity and putting it to work in a way that reflects more the attitude and philosophy of the theatres and community it represents. At first glance it appears quite simple but that’s often the measure of a good brand identity, to be able to tackle complexity and deliver a unified coherent brand vision across multiple touch points. The theatres now have a branded identity system to unify them, supporting their vision for the future, one that celebrates and showcases the art it represents – X marking the spot of the cultural pulse of Rotterdam.” Score: 8

Luxor Stefan Pangratz, Design Director at VBAT: “I love simplicity. If anything, a simple white cross on a red surface seems to be synonymous for simplicity. It is strong enough to stand out in a busy city, recognisable through its rotation and with a reflection of pride. In that sense it is a manifestation of the Rotterdam mentality. It seems quite remarkable that the identity keeps its playful character, even when using those strong geometric shapes. There is a particular roughness in the Identity, which will help the Identity to stand out and remain relevant through time. Celebrate the simplicity, embrace it and make it your own. I sincerely hope the red bag will be produced!” Score: 8


Tom Dorresteijn, CEO at Studio Dumbar:  “Good and effective. You could say it’s true to Rotterdam’s directness. Not very special or inspiring though.”  Score: 6



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