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Claire Parker reviews new visual identity for the Dutch National Military Museum

Executive Creative Director in our Amsterdam studio, Claire Parker, is part of the online ‘corporate design panel’ of Marketing Tribune magazine.

Nationaal Militair Museum logo

This means that every month she will be judging a corporate design alongside Tom Dorresteijn from Studio Dumbar and Stefan Pangratz from VBAT. Last month, the panel was asked to judge the new corporate identity of the Dutch National Military Museum. Here’s the link to the online article and we’ve translated it below:

NMM logo

Last December the Dutch National Military Museum opened its doors at former air base ‘Soesterberg’ in the Netherlands. The new National Military Museum (NMM) in Soest tells the story of the present, past and future of the Dutch Armed Forces. The new identity was created by Fabrique.

King Willem Alexander with oning met logo

Claire Parker, Executive Creative Director Design Bridge: “Engaging, memorable and smart. There is a restraint and attention to detail across all of the diverse touch points that makes this an identity that I’m sure will garner much praise from the industry, as well as becoming a destination Museum many will want to visit. It works as a confident mark no matter the media, and its uniqueness translated across the three other Ministry of Defence museums, creates a cohesive family. The openness and hint of military insignia create a strong and contemporary look. All of the choices made come together to create a welcoming and inspiring environment; both virtually through the website and apps and undoubtedly at the museum itself. Not a museum I would normally have found myself interested in visiting, yet they have created a compelling visual identity that certainly leaves me wanting to experience it first hand – that’s the power of good branding.” Score: 9

NMM iPad app

Tom Dorresteijn, CEO at Studio Dumbar: “The website is very comfortable: clear and well structured. The website doesn’t have much personality and style, but is open and accessible. As an online visitor you immediately feel welcome and at ease – and that doesn’t happen often. The symbol is less strong. Where the website is open, the logo is a bit complicated. It’s very technical and graphical and has little personality. The acronym is incorporated, but is not very recognisable. It looks like a part of a style/design language rather than a stand-alone brand.” Score: 6.5

NMM stationary set

Stefan Pangratz, Design Director at VBAT: “I can think of no other part in our society where more logos and signs are used then in the military. Every detail, color and symbol has a specific meaning and importance. A true mine field for the design process I can imagine. The new logo for the National Military Museum (NMM) would fit as natural on a Leopard Tank as it would on the shoulder of a Marine soldier. With that test in mind, it surely has to work for a Military Museum! The identity feels like a natural fit and is nicely integrated on all touch-points, covering the hard architectural style of the building, the exhibition elements and the supporting site. I love the drone flight, referencing the lines in the logo and introducing the exhibition to the curious viewer. Well done, carry on.” Score: 8

NMM logoset

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