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Creativity is… inspiration from this year’s D&AD New Blood SHIFT-ers

What does “creativity” mean to you?

We’ve been working with the brilliant team at D&AD New Blood SHIFT for a few years now, and we recently hosted the latest batch of Shifters for a talk on voice; how voice and language can be used as a tool for creativity.

One of the exercises we got the group to do was all about getting to the heart of their own personal creative moment by finishing the sentence “Creativity is…” in less than 20 words. The responses were varied, yet all incredibly inspiring – here’s what they had to say:

Creativity is…


…the most difficult
crossroads you encounter.
- @seunareoye


the ability to give
without exhausting yourself
- @Zoltan_A17


Finding the familiar
inside the unusual
- anon


A Baywatch slow-run
at the bottom of the sea
and others questioning
if it’s drowning
- anon


- @Owen_row


A sharp whisper amongst white noise
- anon


My way to me
- anon


Discovering the undiscoverable
- @olliebielby


Seeing with my eyes shut
- @jamieeverall


Every ounce of your life coming together
- @vick_smithyy


- @ella_knows_nothing


Invention through unrestricted thought,
unfiltered imagination
and applying it to the real world
- anon


a fantastic,
and exciting tunnel
that leads you
to a new horizon
- @NandaKovic


So what is creativity to YOU? Let us know how you would finish the sentence “Creativity is…” via Instagram and we’ll share our favourites on our Stories: @design_bridge


With programmes currently running in London and New York, we’re proud supporters of D&AD New Blood SHIFT, a free industry-led night school programme for up and coming creatives who don’t have a degree level qualification.

You can find out more about D&AD New Blood SHIFT on the D&AD website.

by Anna Stanford

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