Design Bridge partners with Creative Lives in Progress

  • London
  • Apr 14, 2022
Creative Lives in Progress
By Amanda Li

Here at Design Bridge, we're working hard to create space for many, not the few.

We actively welcome people from all backgrounds, regardless of ethnicity, sex, orientation, disability, gender reassignment, age, race, pregnancy, and religion. Because what matters is what we share: a passion for creative storytelling, sharing our values of collaboration, and commitment to excellence and beauty in all that we do.

And although we are not yet able to say that in our make-up we truly reflect the communities around our studios, we will continue to strive for this until we can.

So, we’re taking steps forward and partnering up with Creative Lives in Progress — an inclusive creative careers platform, that is championing for greater transparency and representation in the industry.

Its mission is to transform the way emerging talent access creative opportunities, build a community that shares advice and insight, and host events that bring talent and the industry together.

Our partnership will enable Creative Lives in Progress to:

  • Collate and showcase over 500 opportunities and creative employers around the UK
  • Grow their reach to over 70,000
  • And create 24 events a year, helping 3000 emerging creatives access help and support

Our very own Yvonne Eng-Hall, Design Director, also took part in their monthly portfolio reviews and joined other professionals, who were able to support a total of 30 creatives taking their first steps into the industry.

Portfolio reviews

Taking place virtually, each breakout group contained three emerging creatives and one reviewer. In these sessions, they all had the opportunity to show and discuss work and get advice and feedback—each creative had the chance to speak to three reviewers throughout the evening!

Portfolio reviews

 "Every day, we are working hard at DB to create a more diverse and equitable place within the industry. We’re stoked about this DE&I partnership with Creative Lives in Progress in our pursuit to support and make space for emerging talent from all backgrounds."
Yvonne Eng-Hall

For more information on the initiative, you can visit their website here.

 And if you'd like to join our team, you can take a look at our open roles across the Group here.

We welcome and encourage people from all backgrounds to apply!

Remember to look out for our future activities, where we’re taking the necessary steps to show our continued commitment to action and change in the creative industry.