DB Amsterdam and Diversity Day

  • Amsterdam
  • Oct 04, 2022
diversity day
By Amanda Li

On the 4th of October, our Amsterdam studio gathered to celebrate Dutch Diversity Day - a platform to recognise that diverse teams translate into greater creativity and productivity and ultimately create a society where we appreciate all unique talents and potential. 

On this day of connectedness, companies are encouraged to organise activities to celebrate the power of diversity and inclusion. And that having a mix of people with a difference in cultural origin, sexual orientation, age, and gender is a beautiful and positive thing. 

Our Amsterdam studio was keen to get involved and got a team of DB’ers to create an event for the day with everyone at the studio participating in a ‘Privilege Walk’ to help visualise how privilege helps and hinders individuals in life. 

We asked questions such as, ‘Did you go to private school?’ if yes, then people took a step forward and at the end of all the questions, we could see that even amongst our peers at DB, there were people with much more privilege due to their background and upbringing.  

diversity day

This activity raised a stark awareness within the team that a significant percentage of the studio had benefitted from certain privileges in life and has intensified their passion for advocating for those who aren’t so lucky, through working with educators to help encourage the next generation of creative thinkers into design. We’ve partnered with PlusPlusOne Netherland’s first free industry-wide program that aims to create a Diversity & Inclusion critical mass by increasing the pool of under-represented talent. The organisation helps people from grass root communities get into our industry through weekly workshops, briefs and strategic insights. You can learn more here.

We then feasted over a potluck lunch, where everyone bought a dish from their home country, so we could celebrate our different cultures with what other better way than food? 

With room for difference, only then we can use the power of diversity. Click here to learn more about Diversity Day's mission pledge for solidarity.