DB Mumbai celebrates Diwali 2022

  • Global
  • Oct 24, 2022
By Tanvi Shah

Diwali, also known as the festival of lights, is celebrated by millions across the world. It is a five-day festival to celebrate new beginnings and a time to clean and decorate our houses to spread light and positivity to loved ones.  

And this year was extra special for us as it was DB Mumbai's first Diwali celebration together, where we currently have a (growing) team consisting of a trio: Samisha, Kedar and Tanvi!

Here's Tanvi from the studio to tell you more about their festivities…

Kedar couldn’t join us as he lives in Bangalore but Samisha and I decided to have our own little get-together and celebration in Mumbai. We may have been a bit early in catching the city in all its glory, but we knew just the place to start our celebrations. The famed Kandil Gully of Mahim.  

Walking into this pop-up street market on the main road of Mahim, you can experience a rush of beauty and colours in the form of paper lanterns that we call kandils. It’s always special to see people spending time appreciating and picking lanterns to adorn their homes.  


At the market, we were lucky to spot an elderly lady with a professional camera, who was there to capture the beauty of the Diwali market. Considering it was just the two of us, we found the perfect person to take some photos of the both of us. And she came through with some beautiful shots and even made us the muse of some of her pictures! 

After, we walked down Shivaji Park to our dinner venue - a hidden little gem in the neighbourhood serving delicious Italian… I know, I know, we should typically be enjoying some Indian delicacies, but we wanted to strategically pick a place to catch kandil gully with just the right ambience. And this is a restaurant I had grown up visiting and thought it would be nice to introduce Samisha to.  

We enjoyed excellent food, drinks, and good conversation - exactly what Diwali is all about, a feast in the company of loved ones! Samisha’s a teetotaller, but not to worry! I enjoyed an extra drink on her behalf ;-)  

And this was only part one of our celebrations! 

Part two carried on the next day and we decided to continue the festivities with a creative activity. We had a painting session to decorate some Diwali diyas to light on Diwali day - a mélange of bright colours and random doodling was the perfect afternoon to kick off the long weekend to spend time with family! 


We're wishing you all a colourful, bright, and wholesome Diwali!