Design Bridge certified as a Great Place To Work®

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  • Jan 20, 2022
Design Bridge certified as a great place to work
By Amanda Li

We’re proud and excited to share that we have been officially certified as a Great Place to Work® (GPTW) across our studios in London, Amsterdam, New York, Singapore, and Shanghai!

GPTW is the global authority on workplace culture and has over 30 years of experience in culture research and consulting. And since 1991 have surveyed more than 10 million employees around the world.

At the end of last year, we sent everyone at Design Bridge the GPTW Trust Index© employee survey – an anonymous and extensive review about the workplace across five dimensions: credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie. Based on these results and a Culture Brief audit, GPTW analyses the data to generate a Trust Index Score, which looks at accurate and fair measures of employee engagement, trust, wellbeing, and HR and management practices. And to achieve accreditation, companies need to average above 65%. We’re happy to reveal that Design Bridge had an average score of 83%.

We know that creating a great place to work doesn’t happen overnight and at Design Bridge, our culture has always been our most treasured asset. We established this early on and have nurtured it ever since. The foundation of our culture comes from the way Design Bridge was set up in 1986: by five like-minded people each with their own area of expertise, who knew they had to work together to achieve the very best.

Design Bridge certified as a great place to work

Now, in each of our studios, we’re structured around three areas of expertise: Client Leadership, which provides the day-to-day management of projects both internally and externally; Strategy, the team that drives the brand and consumer insight; Creatives, including Graphic Designers; 3D Designers; Motion Graphic Designers; Art Directors and Artworkers.

And we know it takes the individual skills and talents of every person in the team—with their unique perspectives—to deliver the kind of ambitious thinking and the very highest quality of creative work! By bringing brilliant people together and ensuring they all enter into the collaboration with the understanding that none of them are less important than the others we created an environment where people feel empowered totruly express their ideas and contribute to any project with their specific knowledge, insight, experience or skill.

Design Bridge certified as a great place to work

Keep scrolling to see some of the other ways we have created a workplace to ensure our employees have the best opportunities, resources, and more to thrive:

Career development

At Design Bridge, when it comes to our people, we take the time to identify and nurture each person’s particular strengths. Within the first four years of setting up Design Bridge, we laid the foundations of a career development programme. And to this day have continued to evolve and adapt this – striving to give everybody opportunity, whether it’s developing their creative talent, growing them into our future leaders, or supporting their passions. And with so many people involved in the development of others, this becomes part of our DNA – learning, development, and progression are part of the very fabric of Design Bridge.

We’re proud to have created an environment where people want to stick around, too. Just to mention a few examples: Emma Follett, our Chief Creative Officer for the Design Bridge Group started as a Studio Junior in 2000. Ed Mitchell, who joined us in 2004, started as a young Technical Designer is now our Group Brand Experience Director, leading our work into digital channels. And Birgitte Woehlk joined in 1991 started as a secretary, and eventually became Director of Culture and Talent with responsibility across the Group – you can read more about Birgitte’s experience with our Q&A.

Design Bridge certified as a great place to work

Generous spirit

We know that our people give so much of their time, energy, and focus to deliver work that is the very best in the industry, and we believe we should reward this not just with a fair salary and good benefits, but with recognition and understanding too of their personal circumstances outside of work.

Design Bridge certified as a great place to work

Giving everyone a voice

We are fortunate to work in an industry with creativity at its heart and where insight and ideas can come from anywhere. We know we need people from different cultures, age groups, genders, religions, and sexual persuasions because our clients need us to create work for them, which considers the needs of all their consumer groups.

So, within our collaborative approach, we ensure to include all perspectives, with an openness and interest that allows each individual to have a voice because we all know that inclusivity leads to ambitious creativity. And it’s only when we give people a voice that we will get the best and most relevant ideas, and only then can we truly deliver work that is successful for our clients.

Design Bridge certified as a great place to work

We’re incredibly proud of our team and company culture, and, of course, it goes without saying that we also want to give a huge thank you to everyone across the Group for making Design Bridge such a special place to work. Thank you to you all!

If you’d like to join us and see why we’re a Great Place to Work, you can head on over to our careers page to see all of our exciting opportunities available across the globe.