Design Bridge New York collaborates with HTH for redesign

  • New York
  • May 03, 2022
By Amanda Li

With pool season around the corner, we’re jumping right in to share our work with HTH – the global leader in DIY pool care.

In a category known to be cold and chemical, our New York studio brought a consumer-first perspective by moving the focus from product to purpose and creating a new visual and verbal brand identity focused on building confidence and trust.

The HTH logo has been inspired by the symbol of a life preserver to evoke empowerment and certainty. The packaging design uses simple iconography, flat graphics, benefit-led language, and a consistent hierarchy to create distinction and clarity within the product portfolio.

HTH before and after
HTH shock pack logo

All in all, calming the rough waters of the past and positioning HTH as trusted to tackle whatever life throws in the pool.