Pick-a-buddy inspirational initiative

  • Singapore
  • Mar 03, 2022
Pick-a-buddy inspirational initiative
By Amanda Li

With more than a year into the pandemic, our team at Singapore has become no stranger to online meetings and workshops, and whilst we’ve gotten comfortable with remote working, nothing can beat the human interaction of spontaneous hangouts and brainstorm sessions for inspiration with our colleagues and friends…

So, when Singapore tightened Covid restrictions again (limiting social gatherings to groups of two and encouraging work from home), we kick-started the “Pick-A-Buddy Inspirational initiative”…

Last month, we paired up and explored the different arts and cultural activities available in Singapore. Coinciding with World Mental Health Day, this initiative encouraged us to take a break from our desks and enjoy some bonding time with each other – we all know how important this can be for our health and wellbeing!

Keep scrolling to see what our teams got up to…

immersive_3 immersive_1

Kerene and Farzana caught three immersive art exhibitions: Future World, Virtual Realms, and Orchestral Manoeuvres.

exhibition_1 exhibition_3

Rody and Ely soaked in some contemporary art for inspiration at The National Gallery.

spinpainting_2 spinpainting_4

Jianan and Christie had fun with spin table painting and created an artistic centrepiece.

woodblock_1 woodblock_3

Mel and Ain crafted their own textile at a Woodblock print-making workshop at The National Gallery.

plant_2 plant_4

Meng Lee and Celeste attended a terrarium workshop and made their little piece of green sanctuary.

We’re feeling extra refreshed and inspired from venturing out and had great fun exploring. We’re wishing everyone a safe and inspired month ahead!

If you’d like to join our Singapore studio, you can take a look at our current vacancies here.

Contributors: Thank you to Yi Jing Zhou from our Singapore Studio! And a big shout out to Rachel Ong and team for organising.