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Design Bridge and Dance4Life celebrate collaboration

In our Amsterdam studio we’ve been fortunate to work with the amazing team at Dance4Life since 2008. Dance4Life is an Amsterdam-based NGO devoted to giving young people in developing nations a voice, an opportunity to express themselves, and promote healthy sexual practices in their communities. Dance4Life currently has programmes in 30 countries, but, as the world and its challenges have evolved over the past decade, so has Dance4Life, and they came to us with a new challenge…

The Brand Challenge

Dance4Life recently made a strategic decision to become a social franchise, empowering local NGO’s by providing them with a set of tools to train youth at a local level. But that change created a new challenge for the brand — how to leverage their equity as a dance-oriented youth movement to become a credible partner for local NGO’s around the world? We, of course, happily accepted this challenge!

The Solution

For any brand – be it a NGO, a craft beer or a global chocolate brand – to be seen as credible, people must trust the brand. And for people to trust a brand, they must understand it, believe in it and like it. So we developed a powerful and clear new brand story for Dance4Life to tell in a distinctive voice, all wrapped up in a consistent design style.

Dance For Life-XXPHOTO_AtTheBar_DanceforLife_13_10_17-56512Oct17

Dance For Life-XXPHOTO_AtTheBar_DanceforLife_13_10_17-412Oct17

This calls for a little party

We invited Dance4Life, their partners and some of our friends to our Studio to officially launch their refreshed visual identity – what better way to celebrate a successful collaboration than to have a proper celebration?!

Dance For Life-XXPHOTO_AtTheBar_DanceforLife_13_10_17-21212Oct17

Dance For Life-XXPHOTO_AtTheBar_DanceforLife_13_10_17-9812Oct17

After we presented the new visual identity we surprised our clients with a set of brand story animations, developed in collaboration with our London Studio.

It was then time for Dance4Life to take us through some of the interactive exercises that form part of their training module. These ‘exercises’ were playful, insightful and really brought to life their empowerment ambition (we even had to take a shoe off!).

Dance For Life-XXPHOTO_AtTheBar_DanceforLife_13_10_17-44512Oct17

Dance For Life-XXPHOTO_AtTheBar_DanceforLife_13_10_17-47112Oct17

And that wasn’t all. Our amazing friends from MassiveMusic (who never disappoint when it comes to a party) had created a special playlist for the evening to reflect the character of Dance4Life and everything they stand for. It was the perfect gift that made the night extra special, together with our red themed Cosmo’s. You can listen to the Massive Music playlist here.

Dance For Life-XXPHOTO_AtTheBar_DanceforLife_13_10_17-8112Oct17

Dance For Life-XXPHOTO_AtTheBar_DanceforLife_13_10_17-54612Oct17

Reality Check

The relationships we build with NGOs are unique, precious and memorable. For us as an agency, there is no better way to support brilliant causes like Dance4Life than by using our expertise in brand design to help. It reminds us all that, although we get caught up in our everyday rush and our own ‘first world’ challenges, it’s important to broaden our horizons and use our knowledge, strengths and passion to help create a better, safer and healthier world.

A very special thank you to Ingrid and Ali for helping put this blog post together, and to Richard for the photos.


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