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Design Bridge Singapore visits Guinness Batik Fridays

To launch the new Guinness Indonesia Limited Edition design, our clients held a party in Jakarta, Indonesia and what better way to end a busy week in the Singapore Studio than by celebrating National Batik Day with a delicious Guinness? So off we went to Guinness Batik Fridays…


We arrived to a very warm welcome, and were delighted to see the walls covered in our new batik-inspired design. It’s always a special feeling to see your work come to life and, even in a dark club, the vibrant colours of the batik print really popped out. There was a buzzing atmosphere about the place and you could sense people’s pride in the culture of batik. It made us proud to be a part of this national celebration.




The project had been brought to life through a series of collaborations between our Singapore Studio, Diageo’s other agencies, and a special creative council made up of local creatives including a fashion designer, stylist, musician, artist and influencer. Between us, we had all the right cultural insights to shape the creative work and campaign, and it was great to catch up with them at the party.

We were particularly pleased to be reunited with Era Soekamto, the Creative Director of Batik Fashion house Iwan Tirta. Era had visited us in Singapore for a brainstorming/working session earlier on in the project to teach us about various batik symbols including Naga, Garuda and Kala, all of which we integrated within the final design to represent pride, unity and timeless heritage.

Here’s the official launch video to show you a little bit more…

Of course we couldn’t leave Jakarta without trying the local cuisine, so we’d like to give a special thanks Bambang for taking us to try the BEST satay imaginable (the meat is wrapped around sticks of sugar cane then BBQ-ed). A very tasty end to a brilliant trip.



If this sounds like the kind of project you would love to be involved in then check out our Careers page as we are looking for talented, inquisitive, brilliant people to join our Singapore team.

Special thanks to Sam, Denise and Bambang for the words and pictures.


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