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Design Bridge Singapore welcomes graduates at its Open House 2019

Supporting young creative talent is incredibly important to us, and that’s why our Singapore Studio holds an ‘Open House’ event every year for final year design students and recent graduates.

Last year, Lena Goh was one of the graduates who came along. Since then she has completed a 4 month internship with us and is now a full-time member of the team, working as a Junior Designer in the Studio. But this time round she was one of the tour guides…


“When I came to the Open House last year I was in awe, and excited to see what an international design agency looked like. I remember being impressed by the meticulous planning and flow of the day, and I quickly realised that this is where I wanted to be for the next few years – what a difference a year makes! This year I was equally excited to introduce the students to our Studio and share some of the work we do locally, as well as work from our other Studios. Sometimes I felt like I was pitching to them, other times I felt like a mother hen looking after her chicks! I wanted to share my personal experiences with the group to hopefully inspire them, and give them the confidence to open up and ask me anything.”



Ain Zin, Presentation Executive and another one of our tour guides during the event, also shared her thoughts from the day, “Thinking back to when I was a graduate, I imagine this Open House must have been incredibly insightful for the participants. They get a real understanding of how a Studio works in practice, and some insight into working life and our warm company culture. Reading about it online is one thing, but stepping into the space and really experiencing it is even better. And the opportunity to share their portfolios with members of the team for feedback in a non-interview session is golden!”



As well as this being an opportunity for students and graduates to find out more about life after their studies, it’s also a great opportunity for us to check in with the local colleges and universities and see what creative talent is coming through. Just like when we met Lena last year, you never know what might happen…

If you’re interested in joining the team in Singapore, don’t forget to check our Careers page for the latest opportunities.


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