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Design Bridge Visits: Art From The Streets at The ArtScience Museum, Singapore

There’s nothing like a good art exhibition to kickstart creative thinking, and a group of us from the Singapore Studio recently took a trip to The ArtScience Museum to do just that. ‘Art From The Streets’ brought together some of the world’s most iconic street artists for the first time in Southeast Asia, and it really got us thinking. Here’s Keyon Guo, our Presentation Executive, to tell you all about it…


The impression of street art has always been similar to the rebel in the class: Rambunctious, defiant, and definitely not the teacher’s favourite.


Yet, Street Art has – arguably – become the Duchamp of arts. It has blossomed into a form that is not only easily recognisable by it’s distinctive style, but also is an expression altogether. The repertoire of work on display clearly illustrated that street art is here to stay.


Attending ‘Art From The Streets’ allowed me to see the progression and evolution of street art. From legends like Banksy to younger street artist like Eko Nugroho, this exhibition not only demonstrated the variation of styles in street art (influenced by their respective cultures), but also the range of mediums that street art can exist in. It was pretty mind-blowing that my conception of street art being just on walls was entirely disproven.


One of the pieces in the exhibition was especially memorable. This was ‘Vhils’ by Alexandre Farto. The piece reminded me of a recent trip to a local writer’s festival. During the festival, one of the speakers was asked what was the most important thing about writing? The speaker responded that it was adding texture – texture in memories, texture in emotions, etc… For the speaker, fundamentally this was about creating feelings, sending ripples of afterthoughts and allowing words to lift beyond just a text printed on paper. For me, Farto has captured this essence in his artworks, both physically (in how he created his art) and also emotionally (in how his artwork connected with me).


From Vhils to the other works, I came out of the exhibition realising the potential of creating this idea of texture not just through street art, but also through other art forms. This is something that I will now be thinking about in my day-to-day work. Just like a street artist, to see potential of a canvas rather than just what it is.










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