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Design Bridge Visits: Marvel’s Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. exhibition @ Singapore Science Centre

We are very lucky to be based in some of the most inspiring cities around the world, and you’ll often find us out and about at exhibitions and engaging in cultural activities. Recently, our Singapore Studio’s Brand Experience team set off for an afternoon of inspiration and superhero exploration at Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N at Science Centre – a huge interactive exhibition dedicated to Marvel’s Avengers franchise. We’ll let Dea, our Junior Creative Visualiser, tell you more…

Firstly, we had to download the exhibition app onto our phones to become ‘official’ registered new Avengers recruits. With our own code names and ID photos, we set off on a mission to explore the exhibition!

Working our way through a series of interactive screens, we discovered many things about our favourite characters. We paid special attention to the background stories and data because we knew that we had to take an app-based test at the end of the journey to earn our Avengers licence!

The exhibition was an incredible display of highly detailed costumes, professionally-crafted weapons and life-sized props, and we were very impressed by the three meter tall Hulkbus*ter model and Tony Stark’s hall of suits.


For those who aspire to be Thor there was a Mjlnir (Thor’s hammer) lifting challenge. We tried our very best but, sadly, none of the team could move it an inch – as seen in the pictures below, Charles made a very good attempt!


A key highlight of the exhibition was a very cool interactive game where players took on the role of Ironman in battles with Hordes of Ultron. Seeing yourself fully decked out in Ironman gear with superhero armoury was definitely a childhood fantasy fulfilled!

We had a thoroughly enjoyable team experience at the exhibition, and everyone let their hair down and had good fun. That aside, we took a lot of learnings and notes on interactive display design and product presentation, and we will definitely be putting our fun learnings into practical use in some of our future projects. Watch this space…

Don’t forget to check our Careers page for the latest opportunities to join us in Singapore. You never know, maybe you’ll be joining us on our next trip…


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